Background images over hidden text bad for accessibility?

Background images over hidden text bad for accessibility? - 2 Answers. Screen readers: it'll be fine with their users (blind and some partially sighted people) because text is off viewport but not hidden with display: none; or visibility: hidden; so it's still read. High contrast mode: on Windows, this mode hides background images and uses custom colors to display content.

CSS Background Images and Accessibility - If the background image either contains text as in the case of page tabs or provides title attribute on image links and off-screen text inside the containers that hold the to just hide the text behind something as the CSS background image is a

Images for Background images over hidden text bad for accessibility? - Cloaking vs Image Replacement: Hiding Text is Not a Bad Thing This method is fairly robust, being almost completely accessible to those accessing Using white text on a white background; Including text behind an image

Cloaking vs Image Replacement: Hiding Text is Not a Bad Thing - Posted on Tuesday, 1 May 2012 by Steve Faulkner . Updated code examples, October 2016, to take into account new advice from Jessica Beach: Beware smushed off-screen accessible text Providing Context for Ambiguous Link Phrases

HTML5 Accessibility Chops: hidden and aria-hidden - About a year ago I started to focus more on web accessibility. nicer, it's considered bad practice. text-align: justify modifies word spacing to create same length lines. . In CSS there are several ways of hiding content and it's up to you to 4.5:1 exists between a background and its text (or images of text).

Writing CSS with Accessibility in Mind - Manuel Matuzovic - Putting alt attributes on images is not a new, cutting-edge technique. Similarly, many developers are still using background images to To make these accessible, add some visually-hidden text for screen . So, devs end up guessing whether alternative content is needed, and we often guess wrong.

Three common accessibility pitfalls for developers: text alternatives - It offers a visual label through a CSS background image (displaying a shopping In the case of our example, simply add a real text label, and hide it visually:

Bad ARIA practices - which turned out to be wrong. Then the pseudo-element with the white text above gets clipped to the shape of the black dress. We set the background- image on the header container, we give the h2 white overflow: hidden; contentEditable isn't accessible in all browsers by default, so we need to

Methods for Contrasting Text Against Backgrounds - Imagine that you're reading the web page aloud over the phone to someone who If you use a null (empty) text alternative ( alt="" ) to hide decorative images, make Background information on providing text alternatives for non-text content in How Examples of good and bad practice in selecting text alternatives can be