NSNumberFormatter - Instances of NSNumberFormatter format the textual representation of cells that contain NSNumber objects and convert textual representations of numeric values

usesSignificantDigits - The NSNumberFormatter class has two ways of determining how many digits to represent: using integer and fraction digits and using significant digits. When this

NSNumberFormatter with comma decimal separator - I would recommend not hardcoding the separator to ensure the right separator behavior based on the iPhone locale setting. The easiest way to

NSNumberFormatter by example - Examples of NSNumberFormatter with locale, currency symbol, negative, positive format, NumberStyle RoundingMode, FormatWidth, Multiplier.

Using Number Formatters - The NSNumberFormatter is one of those useful Foundation classes that is easy to forget about. It has a simple purpose of allowing you to

NSFormatter - When using an NSNumberFormatter , the first order of business is to determine what kind of information you're displaying. Is it a price? Is this a

Getting Started With NSNumberFormatter - Shares how to use NSNumberFormatter, including using an NSNumberFormatterStyle, setting the min/max digits of an integer or fraction, and

A Guide to NSNumberFormatter - NSNumberFormatter is a helpful class when you need to display numbers as well -formatted string.

How to Use NumberFormatter (NSNumberFormatter) in Swift to - NSNumberFormatter Currency Price String in Swift 4592028.0 You need to use the NumberFormatter (NSNumberFormatter) class to convert

NSNumberFormatter Class (Foundation) - Represents numbers as strings, with a variety of formatting options.