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ASP.Net MVC How to pass url parameters using Html.RenderAction to - The problem here is that @Html.RenderAction("ContentSection", "Portal", new { sectionAlias = "TermsAndConditions", mvcController = "Portal",

Html.Action And Html.RenderAction In ASP.NET MVC - This article introduces both @Html.Action and @Html.RenderAction. These are used to call a partial view in another view by action method.

ChildActionExtensions.RenderAction Method (System.Web.Mvc - Invokes the specified child action method using the specified parameters and renders the result inline in The HTML helper instance that this method extends.

Html.RenderAction and Html.Action - The difference between the two is that Html.RenderAction will render the result directly to the Response (which is more efficient if the action returns a large amount of HTML) whereas Html.Action returns a string with the result. For the sake of brevity, I'll use the term RenderAction to refer to both of these methods.

How to Use the ASP.NET MVC Render Action Helpers - NET MVC helper methods, Html.Action and Html.RenderAction, let you must match the name of the formal parameter defined on the method.

How to pass the value in main view to partial view when I using - when I use Html.RenderAction to post action to those three partial for HTML tags as you have defined in your action method parameter list.

Html.Partial,Html.RenderPartial,Html.Action and Html.RenderAction - Html.Partial and Html.RenderPartial The Html.Partial helpers renders a partial view Sometimes you want to pass parameters in to the action.

@Html.RenderAction Example: Render Partial View using @Html - to use the @Html.RenderAction function to render Partial View in ASP. Inside this Action method, the CustomerId is received as parameter

T361571 - In page index tow list box .i need if user choise one item of list box the other list will be displayed depending the last choice i use html.

Tips and Tricks about Razor Partial Views - In this case, you intend to use the partial view as a generic HTML factory that In this case, you want to pass an explicit parameter to the partial view and you don't even NET MVC team introduced render action methods.