import flash filesystem

importing flash.filesystem.file - 5. Re: Re: importing flash.filesystem.file. var file:FileReference = new FileReference(); stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, click); function click(e:MouseEvent):void { file.browse([new FileFilter("JPEG", "*.jpg")]); file.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, fileSelect); } function fileSelect(e:Event):void {

File - Package, flash.filesystem properties and methods for getting information about the file system and for performing operations, Getting file system information.

flash.filesystem - The flash.filesystem package contains classes used in accessing the filesystem. This package is only available to content running in Adobe AIR.

as3, flash cs4 pro for AIR - import flash.fileSystem.* - try import flash.filesystem.*;. instead of import flash.fileSystem.*;.

Anybody can help me!!! - Hi import flash.filesystem.File; import flash.filesystem.FileStream; import flash. filesystem.FileMode; I wrote the above lines of code and it is all

External swf ( not using Air Library ) Problem with - CDATA[ import flash.filesystem.FileStream; import; protected function onCreationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void

Adobe AIR: Create - Modify - Reuse - Flash filesystem /import: This is used as a scratchpad / staging area during import of new contents / titles; /meta: Generic opening.bnr files for

as3 delete file

AIR Delete File? - I am needing to delete a file using AIR (2.7) and keep getting a 3001 error to do all of this on Animate CC/Flash Professional Actionscript 3.

Adobe Flash Platform * Working with files - The File class includes a deleteFile() method and a deleteFileAsync() method. These methods delete files, the first

AS3 delete a file once it's been accessed via URLLoader - Use FileStream instead of URLLoader, and you won't need to use a hacky 0ms timer.

How can I delete my local json file? AIR & Flash Builder 4.5 - I don't see where you're actually saving those file (only reading is provided), / reference/actionscript/3/flash/filesystem/File.html#deleteFile().

Error #3012 "Cannot delete file or directory" using File.copyTo on - Error #3012 "Cannot delete file or directory. 2009/09/14/actionscript-3-error-3013-file-or-directory-is-in-use/.

Understanding the Delete Keyword. - Cedric Nehemie asked a great question about why using delete on a property of a sealed (non-dynamic) class throws an error in ActionScript 3,

Using AS3 - F5 Cloud Docs - The AS3 API supports Create, Remove, Update, and Delete (CRUD) actions. the AS3 file on the BIG-IP · Verifying the integrity of the AS3 RPM package.

Packages matching Tags:"AS3" - Get a free license key at: Features: - Create, delete and list buckets - Upload files - Download files - List files in a bucket and delete files

Get all files from a folder - ActionScript 3 - //getDirectoryListing() returns array of file objects from the file object pointer, desktop in this case//. var getfiles:Array = desktop.

how can i delete files from my oppo a37 - Ive deleted an image on my oppo 37, then later on it keeps coming back. it says that "cannot delete file" . Same as I delete some video.