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How to position a button using X and Y coordinates in xamarin - Try Absolute layout. https://developer.xamarin.com/guides/xamarin-forms/user- interface/layouts/absolute-layout/. Another option is create view

how to get the coordinates where there is a control on the screen - how could I get the coordinates of x, and a control image? X and Y are available as read only properties of the VisualElement base class of View. Please see for X: https://developer.xamarin.com/api/property/Xamarin.Forms.

Point Class (Android.Graphics) - Point holds two integer coordinates. C# Copy. [Android.Runtime.Register(" android/graphics/Point", ApiSince=1, Set the point's x and y coordinates.

Xamarin.Forms AbsoluteLayout - Xamarin.Forms AbsoluteLayout. 11/24/2015; 7 minutes to read AbsoluteLayout , like RelativeLayout , is able to position elements so that they overlap. Note in the LayoutBounds is a Rectangle consisting of four values: x , y , width , height .

The Coordinate System in Xamarin.Forms and Android - Moving Elements around in Xamarin.Forms is easy using the basic animation APIs provided in Xamarin.Forms. While the (X, Y) position is all

WindowsPhone :Get X and Y coordinates of user tap/touch relative - WindowsPhone :Get X and Y coordinates of user tap/touch relative to screen(C#- XAML) | SubramanyamRaju Xamarin & Windows App Dev

Tap location on screen | Xamarin.Forms Forums - How would I go about getting the coordinates on the screen of where the user has tapped, or double tapped the data grid. I am displaying a

SkiaSharp Views - With Xamarin Forms, we can hook into 3 built-in Gesture gesture does not return X and Y coordinates of the touch, which renders it basical

Display X & Y Mouse Coordinates Of Your Form. - In Label It Will Display Mouse X & Y Coordinates Of Form On Form's MouseMove Event.

Get device coordinates in Xamarin forms - I am using the runtime in Xamarin forms and wanted to know if there is form I would like to get the x/y for the users current location and save it