Python has dir(obj) and help(obj), is there an equivalent in Lua?

Python has dir(obj) and help(obj), is there an equivalent in Lua - Lua has no concept of "doc strings." All Lua objects are tables (or userdata, but you can't inspect userdata from Lua code. Well not in Lua 5.1;

lupa · PyPI - Note that this will invoke metamethods, so the true contents of the table aren't known. Then again, if the person who created that object wanted you to have the

lua-users wiki: Introspection Functions Lua - This makes real-world Lua applications harder to write than equivalent Python applications. To help in distinguishing between wrapped Lua objects and normal Python objects, it returns Pratically all Python objects allow attribute access, so if the object also has a Unpack the archive into the lupa base directory, e.g.:

Learn object-oriented programming with Python - based on: -- "Dir (objects introspection like Python's dir) - Lua" (in case it's needed in requires) --- Returns string representation of object obj

Lua 5.3 Reference Manual - Make your code more modular with Python classes. Open source alternatives If you've heard the term object-oriented programming, then you may have some print("The " + foe[0] + " has " + str(foe[2]) + " HP remaining") Isolating data sets into classes helps Python track what is in use and what is no

Lua Unofficial FAQ (uFAQ) - The type nil has one single value, nil, whose main property is to be different Lua supports coroutines on all systems, even those that do not support threads natively. Lua itself only generates errors whose error object is a string, but for event ev in object o , Lua does the equivalent to the following code:

bindeval / funcrefs / if_py, if_lua · Issue #1898 · neovim/neovim - The equivalent in Lua of writing inner loops in Assembler is to factor out the heavy This is bad, for the same reason that doing this in Java or Python would be a bad .. So if there was a directory 'mylib' on the Lua path, then require 'mylib ' would If an object (either a Lua table or C userdata) has a metatable then we can

Remote API functions (Python) - Executing :python import vim; print dir(vim) gets you the following output: .. Then , have you got plans to add neovim support to poweline? When the python wrapper object is about to be garbage collected, the reference count . The much more complex alternative would be to maintain references across

Assignment 8: Roguelike - Python return values simxAuxiliaryConsoleClose (regular API equivalent: sim. . scriptDescription: the name of the scene object where the script is attached to, or an functionName: the name of the Lua function to call in the specified script. . do not specify a path (the file will be erased in the remote API plugin directory).

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tejaskhot/lua-python-talk: Enabling communication - All your code in one place. Over 36 million developers use GitHub together to host and review code, project manage, and build software together across more than 100 million projects. server.lua.

Lunatic Python: a two-way bridge between Python and Lua - Lunatic Python allows Python and Lua to communicate with each other, it allows Lua inside Python and Python inside Lua. This project was

How to call a Python function from Lua? - Sounds like Lunatic-Python does exactly what you're looking for. There's a fork of lunatic-python that's better maintained than the original.

I'm on windows and I want to communicate with a lua subprocess in - I tried a lot of things already. Could not get pipes to work becaue lua always blocked on reading from an empty stdin pipe. So I switched to files.

lupa · PyPI - Python wrapper around Lua and LuaJIT. Python space (passing table references will not work, either) or use some Lua mechanism for explicit communication,

IntegratingPythonWithOtherLanguages - NET; Perl; PHP; R; Objective-C; Tcl; Lua; OCaml; Eiffel and Haskell; Other ( applications); Other (standards and protocols); See also. [Hint: The

Hack for inter-script communication(Python in lua) - One can call python from lua using a hack(and I suppose vice versa). The idea is to use exec and SetExtState, lua: reaper.SetExtState("PyExec"

JavaScript <-> Python <-> Lua intergation - Lua and JavaScript are not connected directly; they communicate through Basic Python types are converted to Lua: strings -> Lua strings, lists and dicts -> Lua

Exposing C functions to Lua - Communication between lua and C is held through stacks with each . to wrap C /C++ classes/functions into many languages like python, lua,

Why Python and not Lua? - Simple : Lua have more "niche" objectives than Python. Python while Python is useful for anything they do (web, build system, communication, web and web).

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NeonMercury/python-lua: Simple python to lua translator. - Simple python to lua translator. Contribute to NeonMercury/python-lua development by creating an account on GitHub.

Lua for Python Programmers - Lua, like Python, is dynamically typed, so variables do not have types but values do. For dynamically typed scripting languages, type checking is done at run time. Python is strongly typed, meaning that all type errors are detected. For example, a number cannot be concatenated to a string using the + operator.

Convert lua to python? - Newbie Questions - I want to convert it into a python file so basically since its lua code, If you're looking for a automatic-converter, but automatic conversion is

Python -> Lua conversion - Is anyone else interested in a Python to Lua code converter? I started writing one (in python) and thanks to the python class browser library,

Code conversion from Python to Lua almost completed - I wound up figuring it out on my own after some hardcore trial and error. The function rgb2short should have been: function rgb2short(rgb)

transpiler - SWI-Prolog console. Now, you can use the translator to convert JavaScript source code into Lua: Pandoc is a universal document converter. This universal

Converting Python Code to LUA ? - As for converting Python to Lua There are some similarities, and technically they have almost identical capabilities (baring things like

.lua to .py : MachineLearning - I am working(updating) on a project which is written in lua programming language but i am more comfortable with python. any suggestions?

Convert this Python function to lua please? - Hi, Can someone give me the Lua version of this python function? I've lost so much hair trying to turn this into a lua function def add(value,

Converting Python to Lua - I found this python script that I´m anxious to get working with Lua. Not to familiar with http socket scripting though. Is it possible to get this to work