How do I write a random quote generator in Java for Android?

How do I write a random quote generator in Java for Android - Ok, some basic stuff first: you're not assigning numbers to the quotes, you're using the random number to index the quotes array. With that said

Android Studio (Java): Random Quote Generator - Also you should make your String array QUOTES private . private final Random randomNumberGenerator; private final List<String> quotes;

Random Quote in java - I am very new to Java for Android, and am basically just a noob trying to make a few basic apps for a HTC phone. So far, mainly by copying code, I've written

string - My first android app. A simple app generates random, well-known quotes. - youssefAli11997/Random-Quote-Generator.

youssefAli11997/Random-Quote-Generator: My first - The heart of the logic behind our Fun Facts app is randomly selecting a fact. In this video we'll learn how to create and use objects of Java's Random class to

Generating a Random Number - Answer to Help please, I need to create a random word generator for android studio, I have this down so far, I don't know what is TextView; import java.util. Random //Make a new text view passing Activity object TextView quote = new

Help Please, I Need To Create A Random Word Generator - Now give your string an id and also let's add “My Favorite Quotes” as .. in java but lets add an int for random number and generate a random

How to add a button and build a simple interactive Android App - Here's the source code for a complete Java Random class example. This example shows how to generate a random int (integer) that is greater

A simple Java Random class example - Part Three : We implement the quote generator part, using Random Class The quote website