sql case when multiple values

CASE IN statement with multiple values - You can return the same value from several matches: SQL:2003 standard allows to define multiple values for simple case expression:

SQL CASE Statement - Simple and Searched Forms - The simple SQL CASE statement is used for equality tests. It tests one expression against multiple values, this makes it great for transforming one set of values,

sql server - Case with multiple conditions - CondVal ELSE 0 END as Value You cannot evaluate multiple expressions in a Simple case expression, which is what you were attempting to

Dirty Secrets of the CASE Expression - The CASE expression is one of my favorite constructs in T-SQL. . expressions can obviously yield a different value if evaluated multiple times.

How to return multiple values using case in sql??? - I don't believe this is exactly what case was meant to do as you're running subqueries within the query. Your best bet is to use a standard if

SQL CASE Statement - The CASE statement goes through conditions and returns a value when the first condition is met (like an IF-THEN-ELSE statement). So, once a condition is true,

CASE (Transact-SQL) - Evaluates a list of conditions and returns one of multiple possible result expressions. Syntax for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database Simple CASE the searched CASE expression allows for values to be replaced in the

CASE statement in SQL - Case statement in SQL returns a value on a specified condition. We can . In this format, we evaluate one expression against multiple values.

How to return multiple values for THEN clause in an SQL CASE - Oracle Database 19c for Windows has just been released. Need a hand getting up and running? Here is a walkthrough of the software installation, and here is