Can I set a form_state redirect with a destination parameter in form submission?

Can I set a form_state redirect with a destination parameter in - Here's a nice solution for Drupal 7 which allows you to use relative paths: $ form_state['redirect'] = array( 'node/[node number]', array( 'query'

8 - The only correct way to do this is to alter the Request object and drop the destination. In your submit callback:

Custom $form_state['redirect'] is not working on Drupal 7 - And after submitting the node I need to display a web page saying "Thank In Drupal 6 I could do $form['#redirect'] = "somewhere"; but after I struggle a lot with my form alter because sometimes there was a destination parameter in the . 3) set $form_state['redirect'] and if $_GET['destination'] is set it will

drupal_redirect_form | | Drupal 7.x - This can be set either to a string (the path to redirect to), or an array of If $ form_state['programmed'] is TRUE, the form submission was Parameters the form builder and its submission handler does not set destination

drupal_redirect_form | | Drupal 7 - Here is an example of how to set up a form to redirect to the path 'node': If $ form_state['programmed'] is TRUE, the form submission was usually invoked via uses the value of $_GET['destination'] (the 'destination' URL query string) if it is present, so this will override any values set by $form_state['redirect']. Parameters.

drupal_redirect_form - The path of the destination page can be set in $form_state['redirect'], as either a string containing the destination or an array of arguments compatible with or form validation/submit handler does not want a user to be redirected, which means

t('Operations'), 'colspan' => 2), ); $rows = array(); // Get all login - Note that executing incorrect PHP code can break your Drupal site. Process the contact category edit page form submission. $form_state['redirect'] = 'admin/ config/people/login-destination'; } /** * Form builder for '#description' => t("The ' destination' GET parameter will have priority over the settings of this module.

scratchpads2/ at master · NaturalHistoryMuseum - drupal_redirect_form() will redirect the user to a new page using a GET. * request (so a set $form_state['rebuild'] to cause the form processing to bypass submit. * handlers string containing the destination URL, or an array of arguments.

Using Basic Forms in Modules - In this lesson we'll learn to create modules which take user input with custom forms, .. Let's do that by hooking into the form submission event. This is similar to the way we set the value at the key $_GET['destination'] to a new URL . In the first line, we look inside of the $form_state variable at the key named ' values' .

Form Redirect not working if 'destination' is in URL - I am trying to set a $form_state['redirect'] but its not working. drupal_goto() always favors $_GET['destination'] over its own $path parameter. 7 is to reset the static cache for “drupal_get_destination()” in your submit handler

drupal 8 form redirect

8 - Redirect after form submission - use Drupal\Core\Url; $url = Url::fromRoute('route.path'); If you want to redirect user edit form to the home page or other page follow below

drupal 8 form submit redirection - I'm looking on how to redirect after a form submit. I tried the following but it does not work, it tells me that the route does not exist: public function

FormState::setRedirect | FormState.php | Drupal 8.2.x - Sets the redirect for the form. Parameters. string $route_name: The name of the route. array $route_parameters: (optional) An associative array

FormBuilder::redirectForm | FormBuilder.php | Drupal 8.2.x - Redirects the user to a URL after a form has been processed. After a form is submitted and processed, normally the user should be redirected to a new

How to redirect to a page after form submit in Drupal 8 - How to redirect to a page after form submit in Drupal 8 You can redirect the user to any page after form submission in the following way. //Don't forget to include

Drupal 8 : Form Redirect in hook_form_alter() with sample code - In Drupal 7 we use key as “#redirect” of form to redirect. But in Drupal 8 we can't use this, For Redirection we need call function “setRedirect()”.

Redirect custom form and pass variable in drupal 8 - A snippet with submitForm to redirect your form to another page and pass a variable.

Drupal 8 Form Alter to redirect User from User Registration Form - Drupal 8 Form Alter to redirect User from User Registration Form - Drupal8FormAlter.php.

Drupal 8 Form Submission Handler Redirect : drupal - Hello everyone, Let me start off with.. I knew nothing about drupal approx. 1 month ago, and since then I have been cranking out a dev site for a

How to redirect user after registration on Drupal 8? - Drupal\Core\Url; // Add CUSTOM SUBMIT HANDLER FOR REGISTRATION // in your hook_form_alter() $form['actions']['submit']['#submit'][]