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c# - Returning null or what? - And write in the documentation it could return null if if (x <= xCount && y . For reference types you'll have to roll your own since C# doesn't

Should functions return null or an empty object? - An empty object implies data has been returned, whereas returning null clearly Does it make sense to return null, e.g. "no such user exists"?

Returning null from generic method - MSDN - Visual C# Language I want to create a GetValue method that can return a T value, or null in the case where a value cannot be found. In cases where T is a value type, the method would need to return Nullable<T>, while in

?? operator - Operator overloadability; C# language specification; See also. The null- coalescing operator ?? returns the value of its left-hand operand if it

Using nullable types - Learn how to work with C# nullable types. You also can assign the null value. . If HasValue returns false , the null reference is produced.

Nullable types - Learn about C# nullable types and how to use them. The HasValue property returns true if the variable contains a value, or false if it's null .

Nullable Types in C# - Characteristics of Nullable Types The Value property will throw an InvalidOperationException if value is null; otherwise it will return the value. The HasValue property returns true if the variable contains a value, or false if it is null. You can only use == and != operators with a nullable type.

How to Avoid Returning Null from a Method - Obviously, in languages like C++, Java or C#, we cannot invoke any The fact that the Get method might return null doesn't mean much.

c# Get Set return null - This logic works only in windows and not web because web is disconnected so your object are lost once the request is processed. The solution

C# - This operator returns the object when they are compatible with the given type and return null if the conversion is not possible instead of raising an exception.

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return, return None, and no return at all? - This value None can then be used elsewhere. return None is never used if . Often in Python, functions which return None are used like void

Is there a way to return literally nothing in python? - 6 Answers. There is no such thing as "returning nothing" in Python. Every function returns some value (unless it raises an exception). If no explicit return statement is used, Python treats it as returning None .

How to return none from Python function - It is found that some functions in python exist purely to perform certain actions rather than to calculate and return something. How do such

Python's null equivalent: None - A look at Python's equivalent to the null keyword, used in some other Why Use Python's None Type? . to this class, we'll lie and return True.

Why do Python functions return None? - Other programming languages might call this a void function or a that Python functions have a default return value, which is None if no return

Some Tips, Tricks, and Common Errors - They always return None — a special dummy value. Tip: None is not a string. Values like None, True and False are not strings: they are special values in Python,

What does it mean when the Python function returns none? - There are 6 basic datatypes in Python, which are `str`, `int`, `float`, `complex`, ` bool`, and `NoneType`. `int` type has integers in range

Functions in Python - Sure enough! add() function indeed returns None . So we can say that in Python, all functions return value

String/Bytes Objects - Return a new string object with a copy of the string v as value on success, and NULL on failure. The parameter v must not be NULL; it will not

The Sentinel Object Pattern - Sentinel Value; The Null Pointer Pattern; The Null Object Pattern; Sentinel The value -1 is simply an integer, just like the function's other possible return values,