local type inference

Local Type Inference - CIS @ UPenn - A similar, but even simpler, technique infers type annotations on local variable bindings. Both of these methods are local, in the sense that type information is propagated only between adjacent nodes in the syntax tree.

Local Type Inference - We study two partial type inference methods for a language . An algorithm for local synthesis of type arguments that infers the \locally best

Local Type Inference - Scala has a built-in type inference mechanism which allows the programmer to omit certain type annotations. It is, for instance, often not necessary in Scala to

Type inference - Type inference refers to the automatic detection of the data type of an expression in a In most statically typed languages, the input and output types of functions and local variables ordinarily must be explicitly provided by type annotations.

Local type inference - We study two partial type inference methods for a language combining subtyping and impredicative polymorphism. Both methods are local in

Spine-local Type Inference - Local type inference relies on bidirectional inference rules to propagate type Spine-local inference relaxes the restriction on type-argument

Local Type Inference in Java 10, Or If It Quacks Like a Duck - There's quite a good (though maybe a little too verbose) webinar from JetBrains explaining how to use local type inference while using IntelliJ

Colored Local Type Inference - Colored Local Type Inference. Martin Odersky, Matthias Zenger, Christoph Zenger, EPFL Lausanne. Proc. ACM Symposium on Principles of

Local Type Inference (Visual Basic) - The Visual Basic compiler uses type inference to determine the data types of local variables declared without an As clause. The compiler infers

New Java 10 Language Feature: Local-Variable Type Inference (var)! - While it is not expected to be a major feature release, so far, it includes a feature that I find invaluable for clearing up java verbosity: Local-Variable Type