window location href not working in sharepoint

2013 - Javascript window.location.href not working - I tried using window.location.href and window.location.replace but it doesn't work. It adds the URL to current page URL and displays a page not

Javascript with window.location.href no longer working in Content - We have confirmed that the window.location.href is working if the users are Besides this, having all users go into their Internet Options is not

document.location.href not updating onkeypress in sharepoint - try: window.location = url; // instead of: document.location.href = url;. and you reg code seems to be working here:

[Solved] JavaScript document.location.href not working - Try the following. Hide Copy Code. window.location.href = 'login.aspx'; It assumes that this page exist in the same folder as of the caller page.

Javascipt Redirect Fails within SharePoint web part (window - Javascipt Redirect Fails within SharePoint web part (window.location.href, document.location.href not working)

window.location.href is not working - i tried to redirect page in apache cordova using html javascript but window. location and window.location.href is not working on any browser

Redirect user to another page in SharePoint 2013/2016/Online - This SharePoint article explains that how we can redirect users to a different page window.location.href = “”; }); If next time you want to modify, then sometimes you can not because it will redirect very fast. Working with web part page and wiki page in SharePoint 2016.

Redirect in SharePoint Using Meta vs JavaScript – - This morning I was working on a custom list item display form for a I've used window.location.href() , which works basically the same as in a Content Editor Web Part to redirect a SharePoint 2007 page if not in edit mode.

JavaScript Window Location - window.location.href returns the href (URL) of the current page Most browsers will not display default port numbers (80 for http and 443 for https)

jQuery $(location).attr('href',URL) not working as desired - window.location.href = "" ;. jQuery: When you log out, if jQuery isn't loaded on the page, it won't work. To use the

window.location not working in ie

window.location.href not working on IE - The problem is likely due to the value of your variables. If they contain special or invalid characters, those needs to be passed through

window.location.href not working in IE 11 - Try adding a leading slash: window.location.assign('/test.php');. Explanation Whenever setting the location, it works very similar to clicking a

window.location not working in IE browser - Hi, I try to use window.location = "/admin-home.aspx"; in my code, this code is working good in Firefox but its not working ie browser.

[Solved] Window.location not working - I think your JavaScript is disabled on IE, you need to enable your JavaScript on your Browser If your JavaScript is enabled and still it is not working then you can try + orderNo; window.location = redirectPage; return false; }.

Different behavior when using window.location on IE ,FireFox and - Different behavior when using window.location on IE ,FireFox and Chrome by And When not empty,it goes to the web page that specified in "Redommended URL". On FireFox 27.0.1 and Chrome 33.0 → It doesn't work.

A fix for window.location.origin in Internet Explorer - Internet Explorer does not have access to window.location.origin , which is a bummer because it is a pretty handy variable to have, but we can make it work with

location.href not working in IE - Location.href ie bug location.href not working in ie. (now deprecated in favour of document.url) is not the same as window.location.

location.href not working in Internet Explorer and Edge - function goHere(where) { window.location = where; return false; } on Swedish explaining to my users to not use IE or Edge temporarily until I

Window.location - Though Window.location is a read-only Location object, you can also assign a DOMString to it. This means that you can work with location as if

IE window.location not redirecting - JavaScript / Ajax / DHTML - Hi! I'm working on a page that uses javascript very much. My problem is now that i cannot redirect to another page in IE with window.location