Using Backbone-relational with CoffeeScript

Backbone-relational.js - Using Backbone-relational, we can configure relationships between our models, and sync Note for CoffeeScript users: due to the way the extends keyword is

Using Backbone-relational with CoffeeScript - But why can't I just refer to the classes in the local function scope? Classes are implemented as Immediately Invoked Function Expressions.

PaulUithol/Backbone-relational - I have a Backbone app using Backbone relational. My relations do not work at all if my Collections are declared in CoffeeScript - if I use

CoffeeScript API Documentation - Hi, I'm trying to use backbone-relational with Coffee script but not having any luck . If I write code like this I'm always getting warning saying that

Developing Backbone.js Applications - - Advanced. The View Model: The HTML: Andengage: Build Status. logo. Knockback.js provides Knockout.js magic for Backbone.js Models and Collections.

oroce/Backbone-relational - Now this relationship has been inverted - client applications pull raw data from the When developing applications using just jQuery, the piece missing is a way to web application structure using the popular JavaScript library, Backbone.js

backbone-fundamentals - A many-to-many relation can be modeled using two Backbone. .. relations or submodels don't seem to be initialized properly (and I'm using CoffeeScript!)

Packages matching Tags:"Backbone" - This is what the observing nature of the View and Model relationship is for. Backbone.js is a mature, popular framework at the time of writing and has both a large just using a little JavaScript or jQuery to make things a little more interactive,

Migrating from Backbone to React - backbone backbonejs backbone-relational backbone-rel. Backbone- Articulation.js enhances Backbone.js model attributes with object serialization backbone.js.coffeescript.starterkit by: kazimanzurrashid Collections using Knockback.js.

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Backbone-relational Tutorial - Backbone-relational Tutorial - Nested Models With Backbone.js. Introduction. Backbone.js. Backbone.js allows to implement the whole MVC pattern on the client

Backbone-relational.js - Backbone-relational depends on Backbone.js (and thus on Underscore.js). . For example, a Rails backend may provide the keys suffixed with _id or _ids .

antoviaque/backbone-relational-tutorial: Backbone - Backbone-relational Tutorial - Nested Models With Backbone.js - antoviaque/ backbone-relational-tutorial.

backbone-relational-tutorial/tutorial at master · antoviaque/backbone - Backbone-relational Tutorial - Nested Models With Backbone.js - antoviaque/ backbone-relational-tutorial.

Where can i find some Good backbone-relational tutorials? - I couldn't find any either, so I have written one: Backbone-relational Tutorial - Nested Models With Backbone.js. The answer to the following

Tutorial: Relational Models - Tutorial: Relational Models. Knockback.js supports nested collections that you set up yourself or that are created byBackbone-Relational

Backbone.js: Multiple Models - I merely attempted to provide the tutorial that I wish I had found when I first tried Backbone-relational. If you notice mistakes, or know better

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Relations In Backbone - In this Backbone tutorial from Andrew Burgess, author of Backbone.js extension options: Backbone Associations and Backbone Relational.

Using Backbone.Relational as a relational model framework in - Relational as a relational model framework in Backbone.js Applications As seen in the example below, the main components of this schema

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Backbone.js for Absolute Beginners - Backbone.js is a JavaScript library, among many others, that is gaining special Follow my AngularJS tutorial series for a framework solution.

BackboneJS Tutorial - BackboneJS Tutorial for Beginners - Learn BackboneJS in simple and easy steps starting from basic to advanced concepts with examples including Overview,

BackboneJS: Getting Started - In this tutorial, I'll show you how to build a web application with Over the past 2 years, the use of Backbone have declined due to new libraries

todos.js - The TodoView listens for changes to its model, re-rendering. Since there's a one- to-one correspondence between a Todo and a TodoView in this app, we set a

Learn Backbone.js Tutorial - Backbone.js tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of Backbone.js. Our Backbone.js tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals both.

Beginner Backbone.js Tutorial (Level 1) - Learning Backbone.js? Check out these best online Backbone.js courses and tutorials recommended by the programming community. Pick the tutorial as per

Backbone.js Tutorial - Beginners - Taken from Code School's "Anatomy of Backbone.js Part 1" course. Play the entire course:

Learn backbone.js tutorial from scratch(Part 1) Introduction and - Update: Make sure you use the versions of the libraries I use in the video, this is probably the

Backbone.js Tutorial Part 1 - In this video i have explained about the introduction section of backbone.js Backbone.js

Learn Backbone.js - Backbone.js Tutorial Part 1 - Backbone.js Models: Creating Models This video is part of my

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6. How to use templates in backbone js – Learning Backbone js - In this lesson, we will learn how to use templates in backbone js. Let's use a template, and we pass data to that template, and in return, that

Backbone.js - Backbone.js gives structure to web applications by providing models with key- value . It could be as prosaic as a simple Underscore template, or as fancy as the

Backbone.js Basics: Models, Views, Collections and Templates - In this tutorial, we're going to explore the underlying fundamentals of the popular MV* framework, Backbone.js. We'll take a look at models,

Using Templates in Backbone.js - How to use templates in Backbone with the Underscore.js templating engine and Handlebars.js, another popular templating engine.

backbone and underscore template rendering - First of all I suggest you to keep your template in <script type='text'/template> </ script> tag. Secondly you are using .get() method inside your template on plain

BackboneJS View Template - BackboneJS View Template - Learn BackboneJS in simple and easy steps "" type

Template Rendering - var Mn = require('backbone.marionette'); var _ = require('underscore'); var MyView = Mn.View.extend({ tagName: 'h1', template: _.template('Contents') }); var

Backbone - Backbone is a the grand-daddy of all the JavaScript MVC frameworks. It's the .. We can generate a template by passing a string to the _.template function.

Creating View with Template in Backbone.js - Traditional Backbone.js templates typically interpolate a few values and have a little basic logic, but even the simplest of these templates knows

Backbone.js Templates Without Logic or Interpolation - The render function is invoked whenever there is a need to render the view on the screen. We

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Backbone.js - Instead, views listen to the model "change" events, and react or re-render themselves . To create a Model class of your own, you extend Backbone.Model and

BackboneJS View Extend - Description. It extends the Backbone.View class to create a custom view class. Syntax. Backbone.View.extend(properties, classProperties). Parameters.

What is a view? - backbone.js tutorials - <div id="search_container"></div> <script type="text/javascript"> SearchView = Backbone.View.extend({ initialize: function(){ alert("Alerts suck."); } }); var

Backbone View: Inherit and extend events from parent - var ParentView = Backbone.View.extend({ originalEvents: { 'click': 'onclick' }, // Override this event hash in //a child view additionalEvents: { }, events : function()

Backbone.js View.extend() - Backbone.js View.extend() Example for beginners and professionals with examples on first application, events, models, collection, routers, history, sync, views,

BackBone Tutorial – Part 6: Understanding Backbone.js Views - In this article, we will try to look at the View classes in Backbone.js and creating a backbone view is also as easy as extending the existing

Backbone Views and the DOM - Backbone views provide a useful convention and abstraction for user interfaces. However, to include UI View.extend({. // Some definition stuff

Extend your Backbone View with some helpful methods (Example) - To avoid that you can just extend your Backbone View with those methods and call them later. Here are some of the ones that I use:.

Backbone.js Collection View example · GitHub - This is an example of using a Collection view with Backbone. Raw . views. PeopleItem = Backbone.View.extend({. // Each person will be shown as a table row.

Backbone.js Basics: Models, Views, Collections and Templates - We'll take a look at models, views, collections, and templates, and see how In Backbone, we create a new model by extending Backbone.