Website works fine online, but running on localhost displays undefined index and variable

Website works fine online, but running on localhost displays - Your local server has error reporting set to be higher then on your production server. This is resulting in you getting error messages for "lesser"

php - In your case $_POST['tables'] isn't set and is being reported by your local server. this will prevent PHP complaining about variables that are referenced but do

Website was working fine and all of sudden its not working with - We are hosted at Godaddy and it was working fine until yesterday. All of sudden from What could be the problem ? its running in the unix server. Thank you for the immediate response, but i cannot find anything unusual. [22-Mar-2015 11:24:10 UTC] PHP Notice: Undefined variable: landing_page in

The 10 Most Common Mistakes PHP Developers Make - PHP makes it relatively easy to build a web-based system, which is much of the reason for its popularity. But its ease of use notwithstanding, PHP has evolved into quite a running the risk of these kinds of problems, call unset() on the variable, . will work fine (i.e., it will output test without generating any “undefined index”

Notice*: Undefined index: REQUEST_URI ??? - However when I run the same thing at home using php 5.1.4/ apache2/ instead , I do get the current page's value and then all runs well as shown in the code below. Code: // First, set up default menu items/variables. Today, I have another 'works at Langara, but not at home' : I have a form . Our Sites.

Undefined variable errors viewing PHP pages - I can view HTML pages on my local host, but when I try to view PHP pages, Does this site work when viewed remotely online? . I opened the MYPHP Admin portal and didn't see any settings for displaying error messages. . Well I hope you have a local testing server set up such a XAMPP or MAMP

wp admin - This means you're running a plugin that depends on Memcache and your One other important thing to remember is that simply installing

Discussion on PHP Login & User Management (Page 16 - Great script! so from index.php to login.php .. but once login is complete it does not shows up in my email takes me to a 404 error page on my site – The md5 .. Undefined variable: error in C:\xampp\htdocs\login\forgotten.php on line warnings are not errors; they won't affect the running of the script.

Re: Undefined index: REQUEST_METHOD [Installation Troubleshooting - Notice [PHP]: Undefined index: REQUEST_METHOD in file Win2K local host installation. variable $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] is only defined in a web server A web application such as XOOPS wil not run correctly from the but cannot seem to get any output either to ErrorLog.txt or displayed.

Undefined index: taxonomy_term in taxonomy_field_formatter_view - Undefined index: taxonomy_term in taxonomy_field_formatter_view() However , when I click in the item, it shows correctly with no further messages. .. I'm using Drupal 7 Final, and it was all working well until I installed the I am no longer running uc catalog module but using views to add filters to catalog pages.

php bad practices

Why You're a Bad PHP Programmer - Code Tuts - We all have our bad habits. In this article, we'll go over a list of bad practices that are worth examining, reevaluating, and correcting immediately

Worst practices : PHP - For shits and giggles some colleagues and I are trying to write the crappiest PHP script we can think of, using as many bad practices as we can.

The List of the 10 Most Common Mistakes That PHP Developers - Are you guilty of one of these common PHP mistakes? All that said, it is important to note that the practice of returning a reference to an array or an ArrayObject

10 Things Not To Do In PHP 7 - Do Not Use mysql_ Functions. Do Not Write Wasteful Code. Do Not Use PHP Close Tags at the End of a File. Do Not Pass by Reference if Not Needed. Do Not Perform Queries in a Loop. Do Not Use * in SQL Queries. Do Not Trust User Input. Do Not Try to Be Clever.

PHP - In the PHP community a really bad trend has become de-facto standard for . used but is ineffective and/or counterproductive in practice.

PHP: a fractal of bad design / fuzzy notepad - The language, the framework, the ecosystem, are all just bad. the PHP documentation on SQL injection recommends batty practices like

14 Tips to Write PHP Code that is Hard to Maintain and Upgrade - Where Rector could help you to turn not-so-bad-code to the modern code base in a matter of few weeks, here will fail hard and the only way out

Good and Bad PHP Code - Here's the question: “In your mind, what are the differences between good PHP code and bad PHP code?” The reason I like this question is

Bad PHP coding practices - Thought I'd start a thread about some annoying/bad PHP programming code. The large PHP projects I get handed (which were started by

What are some examples of bad practise in PHP? - Most of the tutorials online showing how to do a PHP page, or a blog, are actually bad practices…in the long run. They are good for teaching

how to get array value in php using foreach loop

foreach - Manual - foreach (array_expression as $value) statement foreach (array_expression as $ key The array is then copied using a foreach loop to make a duplicate array

Get the values of array using foreach loop - For That You have to use this function to make the array to two dimensional :- function Here you have to use only one foreach loop for this.

Using PHP foreach Loop to Iterate over Elements of an Array - To change the values of array elements inside the loop, you have to use a reference that returns by the foreach loop. To enable the foreach loop to return a

PHP Programming/The foreach Loop - get all the array keys $arrayKeys = array_keys($array); // get amount of values from array $count = count($array); // loop through the keys for ($i = 0; $i < $count;

Using foreach to Loop Through PHP Arrays - Often you need to move through all the elements in a PHP array so that you can do something with each element's value. For example, you

Iterate associative array using foreach loop in PHP - Both arrays can combine into a single array using a foreach loop. Array: Arrays Example 2: This example uses array to display its index with value. filter_none.

PHP foreach Statement - The foreach looping is the best way to access each key/value pair from an array. In every loop the value of the current element of the array is

PHP 5 for loops - The foreach loop works only on arrays, and is used to loop through each For every loop iteration, the value of the current array element is assigned to $value

PHP 5 Arrays - count() Function. The count() function is used to return the length (the number of elements) of an array: To loop through and print all the values of an indexed array, you could use a for loop, like this: foreach($age as $x => $x_value) {

Foreach Loop through Multidimensional Array in PHP - You can use the foreach loop in combination with the for loop to access all the keys, elements or values inside a PHP multidimensional array.

traverse array in php

foreach - Manual - The foreach construct provides an easy way to iterate over arrays. foreach works only on arrays and objects, and will issue an error when you try to use it on a

How to Iterate Over Arrays in PHP - Traversing Arrays in PHP. foreach. PHP's foreach loop provides a convenient way to iterate over arrays. list/each. Another common way to traverse arrays uses a while loop with the list language construct and the each function. for. A for loop can be used to iterate over numerically indexed arrays, as we demonstrate

Traversing Arrays (Programming PHP) - There are several ways to traverse arrays in PHP, and the one you choose will depend The most common way to loop over elements of an array is to use the

PHP - An array is created using an array() function in PHP. There are basically three types of arrays in PHP: Indexed or Numeric Arrays: An array with a numeric index where values are stored linearly. Associative Arrays: An array with a string index where instead of linear storage, each value can be assigned a specific key.

Traversing Arrays - Programming PHP, 3rd Edition [Book] - Traversing Arrays The most common task with arrays is to do something with every element—for instance, sending mail to each element of an array of addresses

Loop through an array php - Using foreach loop without key foreach($array as $item) { echo $item['filename']; echo $item['filepath']; // to know what's in $item echo '<pre>';

5 Ways To Loop Through An Array In PHP - PHP, just like most other programming languages has multiple ways to loop through arrays. The most popular ways to do it usually is with a

PHP 5 Arrays - However, what if you want to loop through the cars and find a specific one? And what if you had not 3 cars, but 300? The solution is to create an array! An array

PHP 5 for loops - The PHP foreach Loop. The foreach loop works only on arrays, and is used to loop through each key/value pair in an array.

Using PHP foreach Loop to Iterate over Elements of an Array - This tutorial shows you how to use the PHP foreach loop statement to loop over elements of an array or public properties of an object.

foreach php 7

foreach - Manual - In PHP 7, foreach does not use the internal array pointer. In order to be able to directly modify array elements within the loop precede $value with &. In that case

PHP 7 for loops - The PHP foreach Loop. The foreach loop works only on arrays, and is used to loop through each key/value pair in an array.

Learn How to do Changes to Foreach Statement in PHP 7 - In this Blog, we will be discussing about the various changes which are made to the foreach statement in PHP 7 along with practical examples.

PHP 7 changes to foreach: Can I still delete items in they array - All it means is that you now have to explicitly say you want to reference the array you're iterating now. In your example code, however, you're

PHP 7 - LOOPS - foreach ( $anything as $k => $v ) { the key is 0 and the value is 7 In programming terms, they'd say foreach loops are “coupled” with the concept of arrays.

Php 7 For Loop Foreach Loop Simple Explanations BEST PLACE - For example, an array may have keys 0, 1, 2, 5, 3, 6, 7. and easy way to accomplish the same thing: a foreach loop, which itself has two versions. Each () takes an array as its parameter, and returns the current key and value in that array

The two ways of iterating through arrays: list(), each(), and foreach - Learn about the "Php 7 for loop" and "foreach loops". This page has code examples and video instructions. For, Foreach and Objects SEE

Php 7 For Loop Foreach Loop Simple Explanations - Hi there I am making my Bootstrap Site (Gold) PHP7 compatible. I have worked my way through all the changes on GitHub and all is well.

PHP7 while()each() becomes foreach() - The above code outputs “21 is greater than 7” For loops For loops execute the The php foreach loop is used to iterate through array values.

PHP Loop: For, ForEach, While, Do While [Example] - Php 7 for loop” and “foreach loops” will display a block of code for a number of times. We initialize