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Interaction Based Testing - Like most Java mocking frameworks, Spock uses JDK dynamic proxies (when mocking interfaces) and CGLIB proxies (when mocking classes)

Difference Between Stub, Mock, and Spy in Spock Framework - Overview. In this tutorial, we're going to discuss the differences between Mock, Stub, and Spy in the Spock framework. We'll illustrate what the

Stubbing and Mocking in Java with the Spock Testing Framework - When it comes to true unit tests, having a mocking framework such as Spock for Java is essential. In this tutorial, we will cover the Spock testing framework, an emerging framework that can be used to test both Java and Groovy code. Unlike Mockito, Spock is a complete testing

How to mock a single method for a class in Spock? - You can use a spy def someHelper = Spy(SomeHelper) someHelper. getRequestFileInputStream(_) >> getObjectFromS3(fileName).

Spock Mock Cheatsheet - Summary of unit test mocking capabilites and syntax of Spock test framework.

Spock - Spock [0] is a testing and specification library for Groovy and Java projects. Just recently I figured that quite a large number of Grails and Groovy

Mock vs Stub vs Spy - Learn the differences between Mock, Stub and Spy. Spock provides three powerful yet distinct, tools that make working with collaborators

spock - Interactions - Google Code Archive - Mocks can be created for interfaces, non-final Java classes, and non-final Groovy classes (experimental). All mocks are lenient. In other words, if a method call

Global mocking not working when receiving null on methods with - Global mocking not working when receiving null on methods with many . This might be more specific to Groovy itself, not Spock, see

I think I get Spock Mocks now - I've been misunderstanding a fundamental issue of Spock Mocks. That's annoying, but probably inevitable given that I work with so many

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How to Mock a javax.servlet.ServletInputStream - and finally, the HttpServletRequest mock would return this IOUtils class MockServletInputStream extends ServletInputStream { InputStream

MockHttpServletRequest (Spring Framework 5.1.8.RELEASE API) - Create a new MockHttpServletRequest with a default MockServletContext . .. getInputStream() may be called to read the body, not both. Specified by:

Mockito and ServletInputStreams - I was working on a few applications that involve servlets recently and I came across a situation that initially seemed challenging to test with …

Java Code Examples of javax.servlet.ServletInputStream - @Override public ServletInputStream getInputStream() throws IOException { final final HttpServletRequest servletRequest=mock(HttpServletRequest.class);

javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest.getInputStream java code - getInputStream (Showing top 20 results out of 7,587) Mockito.mock( HttpServletRequest.class); ServletRequestAttributes attributes;attributes. getRequest

MockHttpServletRequest.getReader, getInputStream should each - getReader, getInputStream should each return the same object on repeat calls #21042 MockHttpServletRequest shouldn't allow calls to both getReader and

bbq/JsonHttpServletRequestTest.java at master · achingbrain/bbq - package org.bbqjs.spring.servlet;. import static org.junit.Assert.assertEquals;. import static org.junit.Assert.assertTrue;. import static org.mockito.Matchers.any;.

Testing servlets - request=PowerMockito.mock(HttpServletRequest.class); HttpServletResponse getInputStream returns a ServletInputStream which led me to mock the

Java Code Examples javax.servlet.ServletInputStream - getInputStream(), resetSupported); HttpServletRequestWrapper wrapper = new . HttpServletRequest request = Mockito.mock(HttpServletRequest.class);

mockhttpservletrequest servletcontext

MockHttpServletRequest (Spring Framework 5.1.8.RELEASE API) - Create a new MockHttpServletRequest with the supplied ServletContext . .. See Also: MockHttpServletRequest(ServletContext, String, String)

MockHttpServletRequest - public MockHttpServletRequest(ServletContext servletContext). Create a new MockHttpServletRequest. Parameters: servletContext - the ServletContext that the

how to mock a servletContext instead of Servlet or - You have a servlet implementation that uses the ServletContext , e.g. . httpServletRequest = Mockito.mock(HttpServletRequest.class);

org.springframework.mock.web.MockHttpServletRequest - MockHttpServletRequest m = new MockHttpServletRequest(); String str;String requestURI;new MockHttpServletRequest(str, requestURI); ServletContext

Java Code Examples org.springframework.mock.web - @Test public void testRejectPlainJson() throws Exception { MockHttpServletRequest request = new MockHttpServletRequest(servletContext ); request.

MockHttpServletRequest (spring-test 4.3.0.RELEASE API) - public class MockHttpServletRequest extends Object implements servletContext). Create a new MockHttpServletRequest with the supplied ServletContext .

Spring Framework example - MockHttpServletRequest.java - Spring Framework source code file: MockHttpServletRequest.java (object, parameter, MockHttpServletRequest(ServletContext servletContext, String method,

spring-framework/MockHttpServletRequest.java at master · spring - public class MockHttpServletRequest implements HttpServletRequest {. private static final . @see #MockHttpServletRequest(ServletContext, String, String). */.

MockHttpServletRequest (Wicket Parent 6.30.0-SNAPSHOT API) - MockHttpServletRequest(Application application, javax.servlet.http.HttpSession session, javax.servlet.ServletContext context) Create the request using the

GrailsWebMockUtil (Grails 3.2.1) - static GrailsWebRequest, bindMockWebRequest(javax.servlet.ServletContext servletContext, org.springframework.mock.web.MockHttpServletRequest request