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Variable scope - global, upvar, and unset - The scope in which a variable will be evaluated can be changed with the global and upvar commands. The global command will cause a variable in a local

Variations in proc arguments and return values - A proc can be defined with a set number of required arguments (as was done with sum in the previous lesson, or it can have a variable number of arguments.

Basic Tcl concepts - Variables in tcl can be defined with the command set and the value can be used with $variable_name . Arrays can be indexed with arbitrary names in ().

Tcl - Tcl is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted, dynamic programming language . It was . Safe-Tcl can be included in e-mail when the application/safe-tcl and multipart/enabled-mail are supported. The functionality of Safe-Tcl has since been

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tcl libraries

Standard Tcl Library (tcllib) - exif, Handling of EXIF information generated by digital cameras. fileutil, Tcl implementations of some standard Unix utilities. ftp, FTP client library. ftpd, FTP server.

Building reusable libraries - packages and namespaces - The previous lesson showed how the source command can be used to separate a program into multiple files, each responsible for a different area of

Tcllib - Tcllib is a collection of packages available for the Tcl programming language. Tcllib is See also[edit]. Tcl · Itcl This computer-library-related article is a stub.

Tcl Library Source Code: Documentation - Bounty program for improvements to Tcl and certain Tcl packages. Tcl Library Source Code Landing page for this package at the Tcl Developer eXchange.

tcllib download - Download tcllib for free. tcllib is a Tcl-only library of standard routines for Tcl (no compiling required). This project also houses the CVS modules

Set up TCL to access tcl libraries - Ok, I try to summarize your questions: You want to know how to install the packages you need. You can either use teacup to install them,

Libraries and Packages - The package facility assumes that Tcl libraries are kept in well-known directories. The list of well-known directories is kept in the auto_path Tcl variable. This is

Tcl-8.6.9 - The Tcl package contains the Tool Command Language, a robust general- purpose -e "s#$SRCDIR/pkgs/tdbc1.1.0/library#/usr/lib/tcl8.6#" \ -e

how do I install tcl libraries - I'm trying to install SciLab. I've downloaded source code tarball, unpacked it and run : ./configure which says.. checking for tcl library tcl8.5

where are my tcl/tk libraries installed - I knew tcl/tk are installed in my fedora23: rpm -q tcl -> tcl-8.6.4-1.fc23.x86_64 rpm -q tk -> tk-8.6.4-2.fc23.x86_64 but where in my file system,

tcl import file

Modularization - source - For instance, you might have a file called database.tcl that contains all the procedures for dealing with a database, or a file called gui.tcl that handles creating a graphical user interface with Tk. The main script can then simply include each file using the source command.

Building reusable libraries - packages and namespaces - Each package provides a file called pkgIndex.tcl that tells Tcl the names and versions of any . These commands can then be imported into another namespace.

File Access 101 - Tcl provides several methods to read from and write to files on disk. The simplest methods to access a file are via gets and puts . When there is a lot of data to be

How to run tcl script in other tcl script? - set where [file dirname [info script]] source [file join $where first.tcl] By writing a import statement, linked source or bytecode or binary files are

Tcl – How to Locate Include File to Source - The Problem In your Tcl script, you want to source (include) another script that resides the in the same directory. However, all is fine if your

Tcl - File I/O - Tcl supports file handling with the help of the built in commands open, read, puts, gets, and close. A file represents a sequence of bytes, does not matter if it is a

Tcl Programming/Working with files - In addition to the functionalities known from C's stdio, Tcl offers more commands that deal with files, similar to what shells provide, though often a bit more

How do I read and write files in Tcl - The Tcl file commands are file, open, close, gets and read, and puts, seek, tell, and eof, fblocked, fconfigure, Tcl_StandardChannels(3), flush, fileevent, filename.

How to read variable value present in one .tcl file from another - Hi, For example if I have file1.tcl and file2.tcl file1.tcl ---------- global flag set flag 0 file2.tcl: ---------- Here i need to use the value of flag that is. Will's Guide To Success with Tcl 8.x Namespaces - Any packages used by your package should be required at file scope, not in a namespace eval ::myLib:: { namespace import ::tcl::OptProc # Also OK, though

script libraries in tcl

12 Script Libraries and Packages - You can create libraries without using the package command. The basic idea is that a directory has a library of script files, and an index of the Tcl commands defined in the library is kept in a tclIndex file.

library manual page - Tcl Built-In Commands - For example, the location of the Tk library is kept in the variable tk_library. . They call this procedure to look for their script library in several standard directories.

Building reusable libraries - packages and namespaces - The first time a script requires a package Tcl builds up a database of available packages and versions. It does this by searching for package index files in all of

Tcl Built-In Commands - library manual page - The location of the Tcl library is returned by the info library command. . They call this procedure to look for their script library in several standard directories.

Tcl - The location of the Tcl library is returned by the info library command. one or more commands defined in that directory and a script to evaluate to load each of

Tcl - Packages - This collection of files is identified by a package name and can have multiple versions of same files. The package can be a collection of Tcl scripts, binary library,

Using package autoloading in Tcl - A package in Tcl can be a Tcl script (*.tcl), a loadable binary (*.so), or a case of a loadable binary it must have a call to "Tcl_PkgProvide", in the Tcl C library.

Tcl Common Library - SC: CANTCL hasn't seen active development in a while mainly because I've not had Many Tcl scripts are longer as code from libraries is duplicated, inlined,

VMD Script Library - VMD Script Library. Most VMD functions can be accessed through text commands implemented in Tcl and Python. This allows scripts to be written which can

tcl-libraries - In general, the global (shared) Tcl libraries are loaded before the per-server ( private) libraries. This is true for the

tcl namespace ensemble

namespace ensemble - A namespace ensemble is a command, associated with a namespace, whose subcommands provide an interface to that namespace.

namespace manual page - Tcl Built-In Commands - namespace ensemble subcommand ?arg ? Creates and manipulates a command that is formed out of an ensemble of subcommands. See the section

Building reusable libraries - packages and namespaces - Building reusable libraries - packages and namespaces . Tcl 8.5 introduced a handy way of converting a namespace into an ensemble with the namespace

Tcl Improvement Proposals: TIP 112: Ensembles are Namespaces - create: For creating a new ensemble for the current namespace. The command takes a list of option value pairs (as defined below) to set the ensemble up with.

ensemble properties - Tcl_Namespace *namespacePtr (in): The namespace to which the ensemble command is to be bound, or NULL for the current namespace. int ensFlags (in): An

This Is How I Glyph – Tcl Namespaces (Part 2) - A Tcl command with one or more subcommands is also known as a command ensemble. The Tcl namespace command can be used to create

Tcl Programming/Functions - Ensembles, (from Tcl 8.5 on), are commands that are namespace ensemble create -command foo -map \ {bar {puts Hello} grill

Additions to the tcl language - I want to add a sub command to the tcl dict command and am wondering [ namespace ensemble configure dict -map]\ getnull ::tcl::dict::getnull].

tcl_createensemble(3): change ensemble commands - An ensemble is a command, bound to some namespace, which consists of a collection of subcommands implemented by other Tcl commands.