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Foreign Key Column demo in Telerik ASP.NET MVC Grid - NET MVC Grid, which generates an ASP.NET MVC DropDownList editor for the Category column. The ForeignKey column definition is shown

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Send ForeignKey Column value in kendo grid to controller on inline - Here is how I have my dropdowns inside my grid. IsValid) { // update db with the Level1ID from your dropdown } // Return the updated product. ForeignKey( p => p.Level1ID There is some code example here: MVC Demo.

Foreign Key Drop Downs on Telerik MVC Grid – Raymund - Logically you will put a drop down on the grid so when you edit or add an item then you will be presented with the contact type options.

KendoUI Grid with UIHint - Front- & Back-End Development - KendoUI grid with a foreign key using a UIHint to create a dropdown list in the Grid. ~/Mvc/Views/PlansEditor/FormTypeForeignKey.cshtml.

How can I add a foreign key custom dropdown editor for grid column - <template kendoGridCellTemplate let-dataItem> <div *ngIf=dataItem.isEditMode else viewBlock> <kendo-combobox [data]="clientData"

Foreign Key in Kendo Grid problem - My IEnumerable<SelectListItem> AssetTypeList has Value and Text. When the dropdownlist item is selected, it doesn't send back to the