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Rendering to a Texture - The graphics device uses objects called render targets. A render target is simply a place to draw to. By default, it draws to a render target that is then immediately

How do I use render targets in XNA? - When you call SpriteBatch.Begin() with SpriteSortMode.Immediate , the current device settings will be applied to the effect of the SpriteBatch .

RenderTarget2D Class - Assembly: Microsoft.Xna.Framework (in microsoft.xna.framework.dll) After a render pass the render target contains the color information of a

Render Targets (XNA Game Studio 4.0 Programming) - Render Targets (XNA Game Studio 4.0 Programming). Up until this point, the rendering has been directly onto the screen.You perform a rendering operation,

How to draw a render target onto an existing image on backbuffer - I'm trying to draw a render target to the back buffer: spriteBatch.GraphicsDevice. Clarification on RenderTargetUsage in XNA 4.0. asked by

Riemers XNA Tutorial > Render to texture - The default rendertarget is your screen, this is a piece of memory we can render to. The second variable is the texture where we will store the result of the

XNA RenderTarget Preserve Contents - I think you forgot about Game.SpriteBatch.Begin() and End() for render target. Also I think you should move SpriteBatch.End() close to

MonoGame – Scaling your Game using RenderTargets and - Ok so your new to gaming and you have no idea what this “RenderTarget” thing is. So at its simplest a RenderTarget is just a texture, its on the

Creating Render Targets in XNA 4.0 » System Root System Root - Creating Render Targets in XNA 4.0 September 20, 2011 – 0:31. Richard Marskell · XNA — 0 — render targets, RenderTarget2D, Texture2D, xna. :)

XNA RenderTarget2D Sample - I remember being scared of render targets when I first started with XNA. They seemed like weird magic and I didn't understand them at all.

monogame depth buffer

"z buffer"(depth buffer?) - and the last section (before the second photo) describes how to use the 'Z Buffer'( depth buffer?) for XNA but when running the code it does not

How can I manually sample the depth buffer / Z-Buffer? - See http://www.gamedev.net/topic/662891-sampling-the-depth-buffer-in-a- shader-in-dx11/. Unfortunately, these features are not exposed

Rendering Depth Buffer and Shadow Map (debug) - My engine uses deferred lighting which seems to be working nicely but for somer reason my debug shadowmap render target and depth

Passing Depth Buffer to the Graphics Device - Hey, I've been reading around the forum a bit, trying to figure this out. My scene depth is all broken. Here I have a depth buffer, it's a render

Depth Buffer not working in XNA? - You should always make the near plane value as far as you can. I use 0.1f personally because nothing much gets close to my camera but the further from zero

[XNA 4.0] how do you turn on the depth buffer? - Screenshot: alt=description of your image /The documentation says depth buffers are enabled by default. So how do I enable it when it is not?

Depth buffer with XNA: did I miss something or… - Working with 3D Graphics with XNA by Seam James and the prelighting renderer (chapter3), adding one thing at a time, starting by depth buffer

XNA 4.0.4 use Z-buffer in rendertarget - Since I have no XNA installed on my machine right now, I can only speculate based on previous experience. I see two possible places where

OpenGL does not implicitly clear the depth buffer like DirectX does - GraphicsDevice.Clear( ClearOptions.DepthBuffer, Microsoft.Xna.Framework. Color. And MonoGame should not clear any buffers itself either.

[XNA 4.0] Deferred Rendering, Particles, and Depth Buffer - I have an old hobby project - a deferred renderer in XNA 3.1. I'm working on updating it to 4.0 (and eventually using MonoGame). I hit a