remove unique key from sql

Delete Unique Constraints - ALTER TABLE tbl_quiz_attempt_master DROP INDEX index_name; First you need to know the exact name of the INDEX (Unique key in this

How to remove unique key from mysql table - Using SQL Server Management Studio. In Object Explorer, expand the table that contains the unique constraint and then expand Constraints. Right-click the key and select Delete. In the Delete Object dialog box, verify the correct key is specified and click OK.

SQL UNIQUE Constraint - Both the UNIQUE and PRIMARY KEY constraints provide a guarantee for uniqueness for a column or set To drop a UNIQUE constraint, use the following SQL:.

SQL DROP CONSTRAINT - The DROP CONSTRAINT command is used to delete a UNIQUE, PRIMARY KEY, FOREIGN KEY, To drop a PRIMARY KEY constraint, use the following SQL:.

SQL - The 1Keydata SQL Tutorial teaches beginners the building blocks of SQL. Assume we want to drop the UNIQUE constraint on the "Address" column, and the

SQL Server: Unique Constraints - This SQL Server tutorial explains how to create, add, and drop unique constraints in What is the difference between a unique constraint and a primary key?

SQL Server DROP INDEX Demonstrated By Practical Examples - The DROP INDEX statement does not remove indexes created by PRIMARY KEY or UNIQUE constraints. To drop indexes associated with these constraints, you

Unique Constraints vs Unique Indexes - SQL Server is a little peculiar when it comes to NULLS and Foreign keys can reference non-filtered unique indexes. You can However, if you try to drop a unique constraint with a 'drop index' command, you'll get an error.

SQL - UNIQUE Constraint - The UNIQUE Constraint prevents two records from having identical values in a column. NULL UNIQUE, ADDRESS CHAR (25) , SALARY DECIMAL (18, 2), PRIMARY KEY (ID) ); To drop a UNIQUE constraint, use the following SQL query.

Dropping Constraints - DROP CONSTRAINT … explicitly drops the specified constraint. Unique/ primary/foreign key constraints can be explicitly dropped (using ALTER TABLE …