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nsmutabledictionary to nsdictionary

ios swift, how to Convert NSMutableDictionary to nsdictionary - let imm = NSDictionary(dictionary: mutable) but why use it anyway? code in this project using "Convert NSMutableDictionary to nsdictionary".

NSMutableDictionary - It adds modification operations to the basic operations it inherits from NSDictionary . NSMutableDictionary is “toll-free bridged” with its Core Foundation

NSDictionary & NSMutableDictionary Tutorial - In this Tutorial, I have covered the most useful methods of NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary with examples. A Dictionary can hold NSNumber, NSString, NSArray, ..etc and their mutable objects. NSDictionary *dict11 =[[NSDictionary alloc] initWithObjects:[NSArray arrayWithObjects

How to convert NSMutableArray to NSDictonary in Objective C - convert NSMutableArray to corresponding NSDictionary, just simply use For converting NSMutableArray to NSMutableDictionary you need

NSDictionary & NSMutableDictionary, Objective-C - NSDictionary & NSMutableDictionary in Objective-C.

NSMutableDictionary.FromDictionary(NSDictionary) Method - [Foundation.Export("dictionaryWithDictionary:")] public static Foundation. NSMutableDictionary FromDictionary (Foundation.NSDictionary source); static member

NSMutableDictionary.shtml - Conforms To: NSCoding, NSCopying, NSMutableCopying (NSDictionary) NSObject The NSMutableDictionary class declares the programmatic interface to

NSDictionary and NSMutableDictionary classes in Objective-C - Examples of manipulation of NSMutableDictionary like adding, removing and initializing. id sharedKeySet = [ NSDictionary sharedKeySetForKeys:@[@ " key1"

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