return html from web api

Return HTML from ASP.NET Web API - Return HTML string. Return string content with media type text/html : public HttpResponseMessage Get() { var response = new

How to return html page from WebApi action? - One way to do this is to read the page as a string and then send it in a response of content type "text/html". Add namespace IO: using System.IO;.

c# - Return HTML from ASP.NET Web API - Return HTML string. Return string content with media type text/html : public HttpResponseMessage Get() { var response = new HttpResponseMessage();

How to return html code from web api - Hi All, i want to return html code from web api i have done public HttpResponseMessage Get() { string Filepath = HttpContext.Current.Request.

C# - Returning HTML or any file using Web API Below is an example of a controller that returns the content of a html file. The above example is getting the path for the file through the HttpContext using MapPath. If you are not using IIS, then maybe you will only need to use Directory.GetCurrentDirectory() .

How to return HTML code from web api - Doesn't sound all that "wacky" to me: IHttpActionResult – new way of creating responses in ASP.NET Web API 2 | StrathWeb. A free flowing

Return HTML from ASP.NET 6 API - I am expecting "Hello World" as output the way it provides in Web API 2. Instead it gives following output: {"Version":{"Major":1,"Minor":1,"Build".

Adding ASP.NET Web API 2 beta - In the first version of Web API, you had two ways of creating response from an API action. Either return a specific object instance (or void) and let the Web API pipeline convert that to an HttpResponseMessage for you, or return a raw HttpResponseMessage.

What's actually wrong with an endpoint returning HTML rather than - need to be an API? Related: Is it OK to return HTML from a JSON API? If you are populating a web page with data, use JSON. If you are

rest - Is it OK to return HTML from a JSON API? - This tends towards a religious argument - but HTML gives the provider the I know that if I develop a web API using PHP, then to hell with the

mvc return html from controller mvc3 return raw html to view - Or you could use the trick built in framework - make the action . public class HomeController : Controller { public ActionResult

Return html string from controller and display in view - 3 Answers. You can use the Content method with the Content-Type text/html to return the HTML directly, without the need of Html.Raw . You can pass whatever Content-Type you want, such text/xml . Use Server.HtmlEncode() to send html to view and then use the Server.HtmlDecode() to get the html to display on the view.

How to server or return html file from action method - defaults: new { controller = "Home", action = "Html", file = UrlParameter. i heard mvc do not serve html but for any reason if i need to force mvc

How to: Render ASP.NET MVC Razor Views to Strings - NET MVC is reserved purely for view rendering and generation of HTML . API controller method that checks for HTML clients and returns either an HTML

Html.Action And Html.RenderAction In ASP.NET MVC - It is string return type method so first it returns result as a string then renders result to . NET MVC From Controller Using WebMail Helper.

ASP.Net MVC ContentResult Example: Return String Content from - ContentResult return type is used for returning Content i.e. String, XML string, etc Example: Return String Content from Controller to View in ASP.Net MVC The View consists of an HTML TextBox element and a Button.

Adding a View to an MVC app - Currently the Index method returns a string with a message that is Layout templates allow you to specify the HTML container layout of your site in template from "Application name" to "MVC Movie" and the controller from

Action method in ASP.NET MVC - The View() method is defined in the Controller base class, which returns the There result classes represent different types of responses such as html, file,

How to return static file content as View? · Issue #3751 · aspnet/Mvc - Controllers { [Route("/")] public class HomeController : Controller { private readonly Mvc.ViewFeatures. return File("~/client/dist/index.shtml");

Rendering an ASP.NET MVC View to a string in a Web Api Controller - The application wants us to return an XML document. So I started thinking about a flexible way to render HTML from a WebApi Controller.