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coldfusion numberformat 2 decimal places

NumberFormat - ColdFusion MX: Changed behavior: if the mask format cannot correctly mask Note that when '9' or '_' is used after the decimal place, 0 will be 2. 3. 4. < cfscript >. writeOutput ( numberFormat (1.23, '__.00' )) // Returns 1.23.

Round to two decimal places - How do you round a number to two decimal places? numberformat() If only there was a big online listing of all the ColdFusion Display and

How to truncate number to 2 decimal places in ColdFusion? - , is the separator for thousands and 0 stands for "pad with zero", as can be read in the official documentation. Try it like this:

ColdFusion NumberFormat() Exploration - Both _ and 9 do the same thing, only 9 shows decimal places a bit more the number is rounded: .16 rounds up to be .2 in NumberFormat().

numberFormat Code Examples and CFML Documentation - Separates every third decimal place with a comma. L,C Left-justifies or center- justifies about numberFormat. ColdFusion NumberFormat() Exploration - By Ben Nadel on August 13, 2007 Two decimal places, integer input. Run Code.

Rounding decimal places - Coldfusion - Advanced Techniques - What is the best and most acurate way to round a number to 2 decimal places. It has the be a correctly rounded number not just a mask.. eg: round 3.347 to 3.35.

ColdFusion samples for formatting numbers with NumberFormat - It is easy to control the way numbers are formatted in ColdFusion using the the number, with every 3rd decimal place separated by with a comma. The third line builds on the first two lines, by having the number how with

ColdFusion round() function bug - Jamie Krug's ColdFusion blog, regarding ColdFusion/CFML and other You'd be perfectly sane to expect the first two variables to output as 4000.5 and the second two hint="Scale to round to (number of decimal places). the mask to he right of the decimal in numberformat would fix the rounding issue.

How to truncate number to 2 decimal places in ColdFusion? : Code - How can I take some variables and output them only to two decimal places, but leave the variables themselves unchanged? I tried NumberFormat( reportData,'0

Custom rounding in ColdFusion - Anything decimal point that is 5 and higher will round up to the next number. I whipped up a quick function that treated numbers like strings:.

Error processing SSI file