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IIS URL Rewrite not working with query string - As described in Microsoft's documentation: It is important to understand how certain parts of the URL string can be accessed from a rewrite rule.

Url Rewrite with multiple querystring : The Official Microsoft IIS - If query-string is ShowTab=123, I would like append #newPage to the url, " Using rewrite maps for query string parameters" from link below.

iis 7 - IIS URL Rewrite Module Query String Parameters - My solution would be use conditions for that. By matching the conditions against the {QUERY_STRING} you can use back references to use

url rewriting - You'll want to make sure you have the Microsoft URL Rewrite Module installed, and create a rule template as covered step-by-step here:.

Rewrite Query String to Path with htaccess – Tania Rascia - Let's say I have this URL: And I want this URL: I can do so with the following : I can even still GET the URL query. Alternatively, you…

10 URL Rewriting Tips and Tricks - Use IIS URL Rewrite rules to protect your site, improve Search Engine <rule name="Query String Rewrite"> <match url="page\.asp$"

Redirect Query String via .htaccess - In general, redirecting URLs is a piece of cake with Apache's .htaccess. The only trick is redirecting based on the URL's query-string value. Doing so

URL Rewrite to remove one portion of Query String - I am using the following URL Rewriting configuration on a machine with IIS 8 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

URL rewrite module - Using server variable REQUEST_URI does not seem to work when working with query strings. This does not work:

URL Rewrite Module Configuration Reference - The URL string that is evaluated against the pattern does not include the query string. To include the query string in the rule evaluation you can