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SproutCore - A framework for building fast, desktop caliber web applications.

SproutCore - Blog Post about SproutCore Sites post about 1.4 release; ^ Blog post about Strobe; ^ http://blog.sproutcore.com/announcing-sproutcore-2-0/

sproutcore/sproutcore: JavaScript Application Framework - JavaScript Application Framework - JS library only - sproutcore/sproutcore. Sproutcore 2 no longer support the Abbot Buildtools which has been replaced by

SproutCore 2.0 Planning · sproutcore/sproutcore Wiki · GitHub - SproutCore 2.0's job is then to 1) make it easier and clearer to do things right, 2) make it harder to do things wrong, 3) improve the internal performance

Differences between Sproutcore and Ember - As someone who has both a Sproutcore app and an Ember app close to a production The goals of Sproutcore 2 were modularity, and a more

Amber.js (formerly SproutCore 2.0) is now Ember.js - After we announced Amber.js last week, a number of people brought Amber Smalltalk, a Smalltalk implementation written in JavaScript, to our

Using SproutCore 2.0 with jQuery UI - One of the goals of SproutCore 2.0 is to make it trivial to integrate the 12345. We can wrap this chunk of HTML in a SproutCore view, which

Sproutcore - JavaScript Application Framework - JS library onlysproutcore.com · UI Framework. Repo: sproutcore/sproutcore 2,161. Updated: 4 months ago. 115 contributors.

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SproutCore Web Application Development eBook - Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Tyler Keating. Tyler Keating is the current head of the See all 2 versions. Buy. $26.99. eBook features: Highlight, take notes, and search in the book; In this edition, page numbers are just like the physical edition