Subclassed CCSpriteBatchNode object is nil

Subclassed CCSpriteBatchNode object is nil - If you aren't using ARC I see two problems here: batchImageName string is not retained; batchNodeWithFile: is not sending autorelease to the returned instance.

Images for Subclassed CCSpriteBatchNode object is nil - Strictly speaking, we aren't checking for object presence here. In Ruby there is almost always an object present, but the default marker for

Null Objects and Falsiness - In Realm you define your model classes by subclassing Object and adding properties to be managed. You then instantiate and use your custom subclasses

Object Class Reference - The Player should not be a subclass of CCNode (or any cocos2d node class for For a more complete documentation of protocols, read the Objective-C docs. -(void) dealloc { [self setNode: nil]; [super dealloc]; } -(void) update:(ccTime)dt

Cocos2d Composition using CCSpriteBatchNode - adding a normal CCSprite to CCSpriteBatchNode crashes. I am getting this exception in logs Subclassed CCSpriteBatchNode object is nil. I subclassed

Newest 'ccspritebatchnode' Questions - Before continuing on, I wanted to subclass the player into a. init]; if (!self) { return nil; } [[CCSpriteFrameCache sharedSpriteFrameCache] addSpriteFramesWithFile:@"heroTestSheet.plist"]; CCSpriteBatchNode * heroSpriteSheet as retain, and you release it in the dealloc function, but actually you never retain the object.

iphone - Subclassed CCSpriteBatchNode object is nil · cocos2d-iphone I subclassed CCSpriteBatchNode to make an object that conforms to NSCoding. I was mainly

How can I reseed an identity column in a T-SQL table variable? - Θα subclassed CCSpriteBatchNode να κάνουν ένα αντικείμενο που capacity: defCapacity]; if (!self) return nil; batchImageName = fileImage; return self;

cocos2d-iphone - आप एआरसी का उपयोग नहीं कर रहे हैं, तो मैं यहाँ दो समस्याओं को देखने: batchImageName स्ट्रिंग नहीं बनी रहती है

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Swift - When you have defined a model you can instantiate your Object subclass and add the new instance to the Realm. Consider this

Object Class Reference - @objc(RealmSwiftObject) open class Object : RLMObjectBase, ThreadConfined, In Realm you define your model classes by subclassing Object and adding

Realm Class Reference - RealmSwift Reference Realm Class Reference Realms can either be stored on disk (see init(path:) ) or in memory Realm instances are cached internally, and constructing equivalent Realm objects (for example, by using

Create reactive mobile apps in a fraction of the time - class Dog: Object { dynamic var name = "" dynamic var age = 0 } or the designated initializer (in Swift) to create an object.

Realm Tutorial: Getting Started - In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use the Realm cross-platform mobile import Foundation import RealmSwift class Specimen: Object { @objc

Getting Started with Realm Database for iOS in Swift 4 - If you are looking for an in depth Realm Database tutorial, then this is not the post After this we try and write the new objects to the database.

Easy use of Realm in Swift. – Riccardo Rizzo – Medium - We use Realm as database support for persistent data. Simple: Data is directly exposed as objects and queryable by code, removing the

How to query realm swift for a specific object - You cannot access Realm in the initializer, but you already have the answer in your code. Make start of week lazy just like you have for visitors

Getting Started With Realm Database In Swift – LearnAppMaking - What's so interesting and convenient about Realm is that you can work with database objects as actual Swift objects. Unlike Core Data, SQLite

Realm Database Tutorial: Get Started Quickly With Swift - We import RealmSwift into the class file and then extend RealmSwift's Object. That's all we need to do to prepare a class for use in Realm.

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Inheritance with Swift Realm, confusion - You encountered one of the big problems of Realm : there is no complete polymorphism. This github post gives a big highlight on what is possible or not, and a

Inheritance / Polymorphism · Issue #761 · realm/realm-java · GitHub - A highly request feature is polymorphism. Mostly for use in ListAdapters, but a lot of other scenarios exists. We need support for the following:

Inheritance with Realm, confusion - Realm Swift - I have an issue about Inheritance with my Objects in Realm. Could you please have a look a it. I have : an Object Activity an Object Sport which

Model inheritance - Realm Swift - I read at documentation that Model Inheritance is not fully available in Realm; at least two important features (in my opinion) - for those that

Realistic Realm - Realm does not support inheritance. Any realm object must both be inherited from RealmObject or implement the RealmModel marker interface

Why I Don't Use Realm Anymore · John Petitto - If you haven't heard of Realm before, it's a mobile database This prevents us from leveraging any sort of inheritance in our data model.

Designing the schema of Realm effectively, and other Realm tips - I've already written a few tips on how to generally use Realm, but I saw a particular (This technique is also called “single-table inheritance”).

Realm Inheritance law not working - Ironic as I was just considering passing that law. Does that law mean your vassals,you, or family members also can't inherit outside the realm

Controlled realm inheritance doesn't work? : CrusaderKings - Is that land De jure part of jerusalem? Iirc that law only applies to the De jure land of your title, so any land part of your De facto kingdom is free

vassal inheritance broken. plz fix. :: Crusader Kings II General - *Passing the controlled realm inheritance law will protect tittles within the realm from being inherited by characters loyal to another liege.