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grails functional test

15 Testing 4.0.0.RC2 - Grails by default ships with support for writing functional tests using the Geb framework. To create a functional test you

Functional Testing - This plugin provides really easy functional web testing within the existing framework of JUnit testing under grails. It is lightweight and leverages

create-functional-test - An functional test differs from a unit test in that the Grails environment is loaded for the test execution. Refer to the section on Unit Testing of the user guide for

Run Grails Geb Functional Tests with multiple Browsers - Run Grails Geb Functional Tests with multiple Browsers. Run tests with Firefox, HtmlUnit, Chrome and PhantomJs.

14 Testing 3.0.17 - Grails by default ships with support for writing functional tests using the Geb framework. To create a functional test you

How to create functional test directory in grails - Grails 2 does not ship with functional testing capabilities. Noted in the documentation here. Using a plugin for functional testing is the recommended practice.

Running Grails functional tests in Grails 3 - Assuming that your tests are defined under src/integration-test/groovy/ and you haven't done anything unusual with respect to reconfiguring

Grails 3.1.5 integration vs functional testing - I am confused with the difference between running Integration tests and running Functional tests. Functional tests are a type of integration test.

14 Testing 2.5.1 - The functional testing phase differs from the integration phase in that the Grails application is now listening and

Grails Functional Testing with Geb - Craig Atkinson presents using the Geb functional testing library for creating robust and readable tests with both JUnit and Spock, and

grails service integration test

Grails Service Testing | Grails Guides - 3.6 Service Integration tests. Improve this doc. We could unit test a project query with a unit test. See:.

15 Testing 4.0.0.RC2 - Integration tests differ from unit tests in that you have full . void "Test example service"() { expect: exampleService.

Grails Testing Support - Integration . Everything about integration tests should work the same as before. .. Adding the ServiceUnitTest trait to a test causes a new service property to be

Grails Controller Testing | Grails Guides - In this guide, we explore Controller testing in Grails. Use a Stub when you work with a service. Validate We will have one Controller and one Service class. We will be .. src/integration-test/groovy/demo/StudentControllerIntSpec.groovy.

How to call a Service in a Grails integration test - If its an integration test, you have access to the entire runtime so just inject it like you do normally. def someService.

Grails 3.3 Integration Testing with Spock Mocks – Ted Vinke's Blog - It is easy to use the Spock Framework, shipped with Grails, to mock or stub a collaborator (such as a service) in our Grails unit tests. The Testing

Writing unit and integration tests in grails. - Writing tests for your grails application in test driven development.

14 Testing 2.4.5 - Grails uses an in-memory H2 database for integration tests you have to explicitly initialise the service from your test.

Grails Test Leakage - Learn how to avoid test leakage in Grails integration and functional tests. grails -app/services/demo/BookDataService.groovy. package demo

Grails 3.3.5 integration tests are not working, facing org.hibernate - However, I am still unable to run integration test cases. to instantiate [com.core. feed.service]: Constructor threw exception; nested exception

grails testing support

grails/grails-testing-support: Trait-based testing library for - Trait-based testing library for Grails framework. Contribute to grails/grails-testing- support development by creating an account on GitHub.

Grails Testing Support - The Grails Testing Support library provides support for writing concise expressive tests for Grails artifacts with simple, easy to use traits and supporting classes.

Grails Service Testing | Grails Guides - Unit test GORM, Integration Tests, Mocking collaborators. testCompile "org. grails:grails-gorm-testing-support" testCompile "org.grails.plugins:geb" testCompile

org.grails » grails-testing-support » 1.1.4 - Support for writing concise expressive tests for Grails artifacts. License, Apache 2.0. HomePage, Date, (Mar 02

org.grails » grails-gorm-testing-support - Grails Testing Support. Support for writing concise expressive tests for Grails artifacts Beginning Groovy, Grails and Griffon (Expert's Voice in Java) (2012)

14 Testing 2.5.0 - Grails comes with support for 4 test phases ( unit , integration , functional and other ) and JUnit test types for the unit and integration phases. These test types

Package grails-testing-support - grails - Grails Testing Support - Support for writing concise expressive tests for Grails artifacts.

Testing Grails Applications - Help - This feature is only supported in the Ultimate edition. IntelliJ IDEA enables creating and running unit and integration Grails tests, and provides run configurations

Spock - Spock is a testing and specification framework for Java and Groovy YourKit is kindly supporting open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit

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