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Can (band) - Many groups working in the post-rock genre can look to Can as an influence as part of the larger krautrock scene, as can New Prog bands such as The Mars Volta. Rolling Stone called the group a "pioneering space rock band."

Can discography - This is a discography of the krautrock band Can. Contents. 1 Studio albums; 2 Compilations and live albums; 3 Bootlegs; 4 Singles; 5 Appearances on

The Official CAN / Spoon Records Website - Can was the leading avant-garde rock group of the 70s. Can experimented with noise, synthesizers, non-traditional music, cut-and-paste techniques, and, most

Can - Vitamin C (Performing Live) West German Band 1972 - The experimental German band Can, from left: Jaki Liebezeit, Holger Czukay, Irmin Schmidt and Michael Karoli. The group split in 1978 but has

Can Was 40 Years Ahead of Its Time. A New Book Helps Us Catch Up. - The last founding member of the visionary German band left alive, the 81-year- old recalls how he rejected his Nazi father to find freedom in

'I grew up in total ruins': Irmin Schmidt of Can on LSD, mourning and - Steve Rose: The use of Can's music in Norwegian Wood confirms the krautrock pioneers have always made sounds fit for cinema.

Can: the ultimate film soundtrack band? | Music - Which is your favourite Can album? Is it Future Days or do you Can were perhaps the quintessential “Krautrock” band. Formed in Cologne in

Can Albums Ranked From Worst to Best – 6 Album Sunday – Medium - German experimental rock band formed in Cologne circa 1968, initially as Inner Space and becoming "The Can" when fronted by American vocalist Malcolm

Can | Discography & Songs - CAN. 78K likes. This is a CAN fan page. For official CAN page, visit: CAN £200 Voucher for Spoon Records - CAN Krautrock Band Avant-Garde | eBay.

CAN - ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY! Can was an experimental rock band formed in

can alternative word

Can Synonyms, Can Antonyms - Synonyms for can at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and Find descriptive alternatives for can. MORE RELATED WORDS FOR CAN

Alternative Synonyms, Alternative Antonyms - Synonyms for alternative at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. MORE RELATED WORDS FOR ALTERNATIVE

What is another word for can? - Find over 100 synonyms for can and other similar words that you can use instead based on 9 separate contexts from our thesaurus.

Another word for can - Synonyms for can at with free online thesaurus, related words, and antonyms. Find another word for can.

Another word for use - Synonyms for use at with free online thesaurus, related words, and antonyms. Find another word for use. I figured you could use the rest.

Alternative - Alternative definition, a choice limited to one of two or more possibilities, as of things, propositions, or courses of WORD ORIGIN one of the things, propositions, or courses of action that can be chosen: The alternative to riding is walking.

Can - Can definition, to be able to; have the ability, power, or skill to: She can solve the problem somewhat old-fashioned expressions suggesting that there is no possible alternative to doing something. Sympathy: Which Word To Use And When.

The A - Z of alternative words - There's more to it than just replacing 'hard' words with 'easy' words, and many of these alternatives won't work in every situation. But it will help if you want to get

alternate vs. alternative : Choose Your Words : - Choose Your Words - To alternate is to take turns; an alternative is an option. When you Alternate can act a noun, verb, or an adjective, that nut. As a noun, it's

550 Alternative Words for "Said" - Repeating "he said, she said," can get annoying, but is it smart to use a Gorging your story with alternative words for "said" makes your work

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