How can I use Groovy-Grails with Adobe Flash?

How can I use Groovy-Grails with Adobe Flash? - Use the BlazeDS plug-in for Grails and you should be all set. You can find it here. Here's an example of how to use it.

Integrating a simple Flex search application with Grails - The Grails framework greatly simplifies the task of building a Java web . tags to download the Flash player and run the Flex application.

How can I use Groovy-Grails with Adobe Flash? - It is possible to use Adobe Flash as view in Grails project? I want that all logic: model and controller was written on Grails, and use Adobe Flash. It's will be

FlashPlayer Plugin - It dynamically embeds the flash player using the swfobject JavaScript library. The plugin includes a sample skin for the player, the Adobe . wish to set the default required browser plugin version in Config.groovy, the value is

flash - The flash object is a Map (a hash) which you can use to store key value pairs. These values are transparently stored inside the session and then cleared at the

GraniteDS Plugin - Even if it is recommended to use JPA annotations for the Groovy <mx: Application xmlns:mx="" preinitialize="Spring. using Flex/Flash Builder) autoCompileFlex = true // Override source

Programming Grails - Groovy's Contributions in the War Against Verbosity. 13. Constructors. 14 .. I started using Grails in early 2008, about a month before the 1.0 release. Much has.

Writing JEE applications with Grails and Flex - BlazeDS, the free open-source implementation of Flex by Adobe, unfortunately does . Since Java can be used from Grails JMS can be used.

groovy - Top 5 reasons why you should consider Groovy and Grails for your I'm still gonna use it for the Grails part, but Flash Builder will be my

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