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Background Modes Tutorial: Getting Started - Before digging into the project, here's a quick overview of the basic background modes available in iOS. In Xcode, you can see the list by

iOS Dev Course: Background Modes (Fetch) – Maxim Vialyx – Medium - The app regularly downloads and processes small amounts of content from the network. To support this mode, enable the Background fetch option from the Background modes section of the Capabilities tab in your Xcode project.

About the Background Execution Sequence - For apps that support one of the Background Modes capabilities, the system launches or resumes the app in the background to handle events associated with

Enabling Background Audio - iOS and tvOS apps require you to enable certain capabilities for some Under the Capabilities tab, set the Background Modes switch to ON and select the

Core Bluetooth Background Processing for iOS Apps - Explains how to develop Mac and iOS apps that interact with Bluetooth low energy technology.

UIKit - The UIKit framework provides the required infrastructure for your iOS or tvOS apps Add Dark Mode support to your app, customize the appearance of bars, and

iOS Background Mode - From what I can tell from their documentation, it seems that the only way you can maintain a persistent background connection is by using one

iOS - Users want to have apps which have their content ready when they open it, so developers should use Background Modes to make their apps more user friendly.

How to run code when your app is terminated - So, to reduce battery usage iOS will batch requests: if your app is due You need to enable the Background Modes capability, then check the

iphone - Do iOS apps run in the background? - The following are the only scenarios in which a third-party iOS app can . Image: Background modes in Xcode; Stack Overflow Answer: Strict