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How do you change your menu navigation in WordPress? - How do you change your menu navigation in WordPress? You edit your WordPress main menu as follows. The buttons will now appear on the right side of your screen. Next to every menu item, you can the item type (e.g. 'Page', 'Category', or 'Message'). At 'URL' you add the web address and at 'Link text' you enter the name

Editing an existing WordPress menu item - Simply select the menu you would like to edit from the Select a menu to Links and will contain the URL to navigate to when that menu item is

Adding a Custom Link menu item - Simply type in the website URL in the URL field and the menu name in the Link Text field. Click the Add to Menu button when done. Use the same steps outlined previously to adjust the order of the menu item and click the Save Menu button at the top or bottom of the screen to save your changes.

WordPress. How to add custom link to menu - If you want a menu tab to link directly to another website/webpage, then follow these instructions: Log into your WordPress administration panel. Navigate to Links on the left and type in the URL you want to have for this menu button, add Link Text to specify what the tab will say, and then click Add to Menu:

WordPress Menu User Guide « WordPress Codex - Original: A link to the original source of the menu item (e.g. a link to Click the Save Menu button to save your changes.

Custom Menus — Support - Custom Menus are a list of common links that are usually displayed as the main You can change the name of the menu item as it appears on your site by

How to change link in a Custom menu - Wordpress - Click the arrow next to links and you'll see more options for adding links. Just select the menu item you want to change in your menu list.

How to update the navigation menu in WordPress - You are here: Home / WordPress / How to remove menu item link. April 15, 2014 Choose your menu in the Select a menu to edit drop-down.

Removing hyperlink from WordPress menu item - When creating a drop-down menu in WordPress, you might not want the parent item to link to any page. Here's how to do that!

How to Add a Menu Item in WordPress Without Linking to a Page - How to video on how you can change a menu link in a Custom menu - Wordpress.