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highlight-share - This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you interact with our website and allow

Highlight and Share – WordPress plugin - However an option to share the post via LinkedIn, Pinterest, and E-mail are also present when highlighting text as a convenience. This plugin is intended to be

anythingcodes/highlight-share: Medium-like text selection - Medium-like text selection sharing without dependencies - anythingcodes/ highlight-share.

How to Add Select Text & Share Feature For More Traffic - Looking for an option to add select & tweet feature in your WordPress blog. Highlight & share plugin let your reader highlight & quickly share it on Fb & Twitter.

Highly: Highlight to share. - Highlight Anything. Save and share highlights, right as you read. Highly works on darn near every app and website. Highlight anywhere.

share-this: Medium-like text sharing - some nice things like highlighting that snippet in a collaborative effort to give it more prominence, or commenting on it or share it on Twitter.

Highlight and Share WordPress Plugin Overview - Sometimes it's hard to tell why your friends share articles with you. Sharon shared “The 40 Books That Saved My Life — James Altucher”

Share Highlighted Pages – HIGHLIGHT – Medium - Highlight and share interesting parts of the internet.

LINER - It also works with text highlighting. Readers will often instinctively highlight text that they agree with or are wanting to share. When they do

Quotable: Highlight and Share WordPress Posts on Twitter - Highlight and Share for WordPress allows you to highlight some text and share it with

javascript text highlighting selection

javascript user selection highlighting - When the user selects from "is text" to "this is" in the browser (even though you can wrap your highlight spans around each element in the selection, I'd like to see you try to get that middle text highlighted).

mark.js – JavaScript keyword highlight - mark.js is a text highlighter written in JavaScript. It can be used to dynamically mark search terms or custom regular expressions and offers you built-in options

CSS ::selection Selector - Make the selected text red on a yellow background: Only a few CSS properties can be applied to the ::selection selector: color, background, cursor, and outline

How to Auto-Highlight Text Upon User Click - How to Auto-Highlight Text Upon User Click The querySelector is a JavaScript method to select the element; it basically works like the jQuery

Window.getSelection() - The Window.getSelection() method returns a Selection object representing the range of text selected by the user or the current position of the

highlight and remove highlight of selected text using javascript - i have created a javascript to highlight and remove highlight of selected text my code is like this <head> <title></title> <script

anythingcodes/highlight-share: Medium-like text selection - Medium-like text selection sharing without dependencies - anythingcodes/ highlight-share. Twitter, dist/sharers/twitter.js, twitter, highlightShareViaTwitter.

Fokus - Fokus uses JavaScript to emphasize anything you select by covering the rest of the page with You'll see the entire page fade out while this text is highlighted.

Highlight Text Inside a Textarea / Coder's Block - You can't actually highlight text in a <textarea>. The good news is, with some carefully crafted CSS and JavaScript, you can fake it . The <mark> tag is the best semantic choice for highlighting text inside the highlights <div>

How to use highlight.js - To make arbitrary text look like code, but without highlighting, use the plaintext Here's an equivalent way to calling initHighlightingOnLoad using vanilla JS:

medium highlight feature

Highlights – Medium Support - If you're reading a story and find a passage that particularly resonates with you, you can highlight it. When your followers read the story, they will see your highlight, and your name will pop up above it. All your highlighted passages are publicly visible in the Highlights tab on

Introducing Highlights - 3 min read - In this fast-paced online world, sometimes you simply don't have the time to select a word or sentence, start a note, and then tediously type out

How would you build a Medium-esque highlighting feature? - Medium's highlighting feature is pretty cool and there's even more you could do with this on a platform like in my opinion. But I've long

How and why do people use the 'highlight' feature when - To use the “highlight” feature for content on Medium, just drag your mouse over the content to select it like you would do before say copy and

Medium on Twitter: "You can now highlight any passage on Medium - To contact us, email San Francisco, CA, US. medium. com .. Great feature MT @Medium Highlight a passage on Medium to create a

So, you're new to Medium… – The Writing Cooperative - If they like the story, Medium's curation team will feature it in the topic. To leave a note, simply highlight a word or phrase with your cursor.

How can I recreate the medium highlight function? - First step is to get the selection of the user. This can be done with window. getSelection() . var getSelectedText = function () { var selectedText

How to Create a Medium-Like Highlight Menu in Vue - This menu contains buttons that allow you to perform certain actions on the selected text like highlight and share. If you like this feature and you

Medium App Highlight Text Concept - Medium recently added a feature to select a featured image for each . headers, highlights on the body, calls to action, etc); Medium saves

15 Secrets to Radically Improve Your Medium Stories - A new concept - idea for Medium text highlighting. Made with love, good coffee and FramerJS

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