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Google Glass Development Tutorial for Beginners - Detailed step-by-step tutorial (with code samples) that walks aspiring Google Glass developers through building their first Google Glass app.

GDK Quick Start | Glass Explorer Edition - Get the Android 4.4.2 (API 19) SDK and Glass Development Kit Preview add-on from the Android SDK Manager. On Glass, turn on USB

Glass Explorer Edition - Understand our design principles and patterns before you write a line of code. When you start coding, follow Glass patterns and style, when appropriate, to give

Google Glass App Tutorial - In this tutorial, you'll get a head start with Google Glass development by learning how to make a simple Google Glass shopping list app.

The Glass Class - Tutorial 1 - Google Glass device has been designed for sharing and uploading images, video and audio online. Many developers and companies have

Develop Your First Google Glass App - Google glass beginner tutorial about setting GDK, installing glass drivers and creating simple hello world program. Explained how to add the

Getting started with Google Glass Development - The Glass Development Kit (GDK) is for people who already know how to develop apps for the sample files, put this book down and visit the Google Developers website so you can go through the interactive Building Your First App tutorial.

How to Build Apps with the Glass Development Kit (GDK) - So you want to develop an APP for Google Glass? This is what you need to know . 1. Check out this Infomeme about which apps you are not allowed to build

Develop for Google Glass – 10 steps for a quick start - Google Glass application development has evolved over the years. When initially launched, application development leveraged the Mirror API.

Creating Google Glass Applications - The Glass Class at HIT Lab NZ by Mark Billinghurst and Gun Lee http://arforglass. org. The

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Google announces a new $999 Glass augmented reality headset - Google has announced a new version of its business-focused Glass augmented reality headset, which it's now designating an official Google

Google announced a $999 updated Google Glass - On Monday, Google announced a new version of the AR spectacles called " Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2." The business-focused bifocals

Google Glass returns, new Enterprise 2 model appears online - Flash forward to now, and a second-generation "Google Glass Enterprise Edition" has surfaced online. It looks like Google has given the augmented reality headset a set of improved specs and a USB-C port for charging, according to Technoblog. 9to5Google first revealed last autumn

Google Glass gets a surprise upgrade and new frames - It's 2019, and guess what? Google just unveiled its newest version of Glass. It's not made to be a widespread consumer product, but there are

Can these smart glasses do what Google couldn't? - Rebranding Google Glass as an enterprise tool for blue-collar factory workers was a savvy move that breathed new life into the smart glasses.

Google Launches Some New Google Glass Hardware - Google announced Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 on Monday, a new set of smart glasses that's catered toward businesses and costs $999.

Google unveils new $999 smart glasses for businesses - A new version of the device–Glass Enterprise Edition 2–comes with a new look, a faster processor, and a brighter display.

Google says the new Google Glass gives workers 'superpowers' - Google has announced the next iteration of its Glass smart glasses, the Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Like the previous Enterprise edition, the new

The new Google Glass headset is better, faster, less dorky - Glass Enterprise Edition is a hands-free device, for hands-on workers that removes distractions and helps you focus on what's most important.

Glass - Unlike Google Glass though, the Focals do not have any cameras. We reviewed the new

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Glass gestures - Interacting with Glass is a unique experience that can range from head gestures to touch gestures that allow you to use Glass but stay in the moment with others

Touch Gestures | Glass Explorer Edition - However, the GDK provides a gesture detector that automatically detects common gestures on Glass, including tapping, swiping, and scrolling.

How to Control Google Glass with the Touchpad - HOW TO CONTROL GOOGLE GLASS WITH THE TOUCHPAD All the basic gestures are done on the flat surface on the right side of the device, called the

At last! Hand gestures can control Google Glass - A company called On The Go Platforms is enabling Glass users to control their apps with gestures. Because we don't already have enough

What It's Like Using Google Glass With Gestures - A startup from Finland has created a platform that lets you control wearable displays such as Google Glass through gestures.

Gesture Recognition on Google Glass - Google Glass is pretty good when it comes to voice recognition and touch, but there is absolutely no gesture control. You would think that a

Images for google glass gestures - Download scientific diagram | Google Glass gestures: (from the left) "Tap", "Swipe forward and back", and "Swipe down." Credit: Source of original images:

Google Glass gestures: (from the left) "Tap", "Swipe forward and - Strap a camera to your wrist and start typing in mid-air – it's just one of the projects creating a gestural interface for the Google Glass headset.

Google Glass Gesture Recognition by OnTheGo Platforms at CES - Google Glass can hold its own when it comes to voice recognition and touch, but its current