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Why is QMutex unknown?, qmutexlocker qt5, qt thread, Error processing SSI file

Why is QMutex unknown?

Why is QMutex unknown? - Looking at the header file, the class declarations are wrapped by an #ifdef. Try it like this: #define QT_THREAD_SUPPORT #include <qmutex.h>.

QMutex Class - The purpose of a QMutex is to protect an object, data structure or section of code so that only one thread can access it at a time (this is similar to the Java

Tutorial :Why is QMutex unknown? - I've included the QMutex header and using it as seen below. But I get the following error: error C2146: syntax error : missing > ';' before

Bug #929594 “kactivitymanagerd crashed with SIGSEGV in QMutex - kactivitymanagerd crashed with SIGSEGV in QMutex::lock(). Bug #929594 reported by SegvReason: writing unknown VMA Signal: 11

Simple Example Using Shared Variable in QT Multi-thread with - Simple Example Using shared variable in QT multi-thread with QMutex. Today, in this post, I want to share my simple example code to explain

Debugging with helgrind - In order to benefit from a large number of fixes in helgrind itself (support for Qt5 QMutex, fix for the "destruction of unknown cond var" bug), you need valgrind

qmutexpool.cpp - 6, namespace { namespace Q_QGS_globalMutexPool { typedef QMutexPool noexcept(noexcept(Type (QMutex::Recursive))) : value (QMutex::Recursive)

#9624 (Failed to stop decoder loop (QMutex::unlock: mutex lock - Failed to stop decoder loop (QMutex::unlock: mutex lock failure). Reported by: Marc Randolph <mrand@…> Owned by: Priority: minor, Milestone: unknown.

Hey, Not really much to do. One can get this running: three issue's - PL~ QAbstractFileEngine.xs~ QFSFileEngine.xs~ QMutex.xs~ QThread.xs~ (1) XS's "THIS" macro repeatedly error'd as beeing unknown (likely secondary gcc

I can't run teamspeak (QMutex: destroying locked mutex) - Thread: I can't run teamspeak (QMutex: destroying locked mutex) file routines: MODULE_RUN:unknown module

qmutexlocker qt5

QMutexLocker Class - QMutexLocker should be created within a function where a QMutex needs to be locked. The mutex is locked when QMutexLocker is created. You can unlock and

QMutexLocker - Qt5 Tutorial: QMutex. It is usually best to use a mutex with a QMutexLocker since this makes it easy to ensure that locking and unlocking are performed

Qt5 Tutorial QThreads - QMutex - 2018 - Qt offers the QMutexLocker convenience class to simplify mutex handling. QMutexLocker's constructor accepts a QMutex as argument and

Synchronizing Threads - The code should be: QMutexLocker something(&m_mutex);. which declares a variable called something which is a QMutexLocker, and persists

QMutexLocker, QMutex C2530 references must be initialized - 211, QMutexLocker(QMutex *) { }. 212, #endif. 213, inline ~QMutexLocker () { unlock(); }. 214. 215, inline void unlock () Q_DECL_NOTHROW. 216, {. 217, if (( val

qmutex.h source code [qtbase/src/corelib/thread/qmutex.h] - Hi, Can we use a mutex pointer inside QMutexLocker. Date: Feb 2014; Posts: 60; Thanks: 4: Thanked 5 Times in 5 Posts; Qt products: Qt5

mutex pointer in QMutexLocker - Internals of QMutex in Qt 5. You may So don't expect differences in speed between Qt 4.8 and Qt 5. QMutexLocker locker(&singletonMutex).

Internals of QMutex in Qt 5 - In this article we outline how to use the DUOLib with Qt 5. be BGR image void setImage(const Mat3b &image) { QMutexLocker lock(&_mutex); // Lock to assure

qt thread

Threading Basics - What Are Threads? Threads are about doing things in parallel, just like processes. So how do threads differ from processes? While you are making calculations

Starting Threads with QThread - A QThread instance represents a thread and provides the means to start() a thread, which will then execute the reimplementation of QThread::run(). The run()

Qt 4.8: Threading Basics - What Are Threads? GUI Thread and Worker Thread; Simultaneous Access to Data; Using Threads; When to Use Alternatives to Threads; Which Qt Thread

Qt5 Tutorial QThreads - Creating Threads - 2018 - Qt5 Tutorial: Creating Threads. Starting from Qt Console Application, we need to create MyThread class. MyThreadClass.png. We make the MyThread class

How To Really, Truly Use QThreads; The Full Explanation - Those who have discovered the joys of the Qt framework may assume that threads in Qt (QThread) are just like this, but they would be both

Qt Multithreading in C++: The Missing Article - Picking the right tool can be challenging at first, but in fact, the decision tree consists of just two options: you either want Qt to manage the threads for you, or you

C++ Qt 28 - QThread part 1 creating a thread - While I very highly recommend that you use std::thread instead of QThread, it's your call. However, on the Qt docs page of QThread there's a

How to use threads in qt - Qt has its own cross-platform implementation of threading. In this article by Guillaume Lazar and Robin Penea, authors of the book Mastering

Multithreading with Qt - Effective Threading Using Qt. Introduction. Over the years using Qt I've seen a lot of difficulty using threads with Qt. Threads can be difficult and

Effective Threading Using Qt - These videos are a bit outdated - I am in the process of replacing these with courses on Udemy

Error processing SSI file