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Change language - Android - When you set a default system locale, every app on your phone uses that region's language—and there's no granular control here. So if you've been struggling with Android's language barrier, you should look into an Xposed module from developer Zhang Fangxian. It allows you to set

Use a Different Language in Each of Your Android Apps [How-To - Changing the language on Android at runtime was never officially Let's imagine that you spent some time playing around your app and then

How to Change Android's Language & Locale on a Per-App Basis - It's excerpt for the webpage: localization-at-runtime/. It's simple to change the language of your app

How to change the language on Android at runtime and don't go mad - Unfortunately xposed framework stopped working with android 5.0 a shortcut for an app for a different language (it actually changes your

How to change language of app when user selects language? - My Android app is showing up in another language. Open Android's Settings App. Scroll down and tap Languages & Input. Tap Languages. Select your desired language, which will be used for your device's menus and stock apps. Move the language to the top of the menu. Once you're done, return to the Viki App.

localization - Change language. On your Android phone or tablet, open your device's Settings app Google Google Account. At the top, tap Data & personalization. Under "General preferences for the web," tap Language. Tap Edit . Choose your language. At the top right, tap Select. If you understand multiple languages, tap Add another

My Android app is showing up in another language – Viki - an app can include culture-specific strings that are translated to the language of Supporting different languages goes beyond using locale-specific resources . .. To use the framework's RTL alignment capabilities, change the attributes in

Support different languages and cultures - of locales supported and changing the way the system resolves resources. Your app's default language is en_US (US English), and it also has Spanish

Language and locale resolution overview - This wikiHow teaches you how to change the default language on or old android), there are apps for translation that use camera mode on the

How to Change the Language in Android (with Pictures) - How to Change Locales on a Per-App Basis [Xposed] Full Tutorial: AppLocale