Using concurrent.futures.Future with greenlets/gevent

Using concurrent.futures.Future with greenlets/gevent - Well, as far as I can tell, futures isn't documented to work on top of threading. Condition , and gevent isn't documented to be able to patch futures

gevent.threadpool - The method apply_async() will always return a new greenlet, bypassing the threadpool entirely. As implemented, attempting to use Threadpool.appy() from inside another . Bases: concurrent.futures.thread. The Future objects returned from this object can be used with gevent waiting primitives like gevent.wait() .

Gevent Tutorial - It provides a clean API for a variety of concurrency and network related tasks. Greenlets all run inside of the OS process for the main program but are scheduled The real power of gevent comes when we use it for network and IO bound .. This is sometimes called a future or a deferred, since it holds a reference to a

GRPC compatibility · Issue #786 · gevent/gevent · GitHub - In short, monkey patching does not seem to handle grpc/futures, as well as the It would be great to get gevent/greenlet to work with grpc to get concurrent grpc requests working. _threadpool.spawn( return future def shutdown(self, Add a ThreadPoolExecutor that uses native threads. …

When Gevent meet ProcessPoolExecutor, something strange - gevent version: gevent-1.1.2 Python version: 3.5.2 Operating System: Centos6 Description: I use parallel-ssh(gevent + paramiko) to execute import concurrent import math import traceback from concurrent.futures import

Why not concurrent.futures? - mirai - A common use case for multithreading is when your code is IO-bound. . complete, incomplete = wait(threads, timeout=timeout) results = [future.result() for future gevent replaces Python's default threads with “greenlets” managed by libev .

Parallel tasks in Python: concurrent.futures - In the new futures library, your future (wrapping the process) has a However, I' ve been using ``concurrent.futures`` more in the last year.

Introduction to Parallel and Concurrent Programming in Python - gevent and greenlets : Greenlets, also called micro-threads, are units of . As stated previously, concurrent.futures is a high-level API for using threads. back futures, which are results that will be available to us in the future.

Python Cookbook: Concurrency - To solve such problems, use the Event object from the threading library. The concurrent.futures library has a ThreadPoolExecutor class that can be used for .. If you manually submit a job, the result is an instance of Future . libraries, including gevent, greenlet, Stackless Python, and similar projects.

Concurrency in Python Quick Guide - Most popular of them are threading, concurrent.features, multiprocessing, asyncio, gevent and greenlets, etc. Mostly application programmers use this concurrency. Python has concurrent.futures module to support such kind of concurrency. When a task finishes, the thread pool executor sets the value to the future

gevent threadpool

gevent.threadpool - As implemented, attempting to use Threadpool.appy() from inside another function that was itself spawned in a threadpool (any threadpool) will cause the

Example - from __future__ import print_function import time import gevent from gevent. threadpool import ThreadPool pool = ThreadPool(3) start = time.time() for _ in

gevent.threadpool - [docs]class ThreadPool(GroupMappingMixin): """ .. note:: The method :meth:` apply_async` will always return a new greenlet, bypassing the threadpool entirely.

When to use Threadpool in Gevent - When you have a piece of python code that take's a long time to run (seconds) and will not cause swithing of greenlets. (no networking) All

gevent/ at master · gevent/gevent · GitHub - Coroutine-based concurrency library for Python. Contribute to gevent/gevent development by creating an account on GitHub.

Gevent thread pool example of mixing · GitHub - Gevent thread pool example of mixing. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

threadpool - gevent - Python documentation - gevent.threadpool - top members: ThreadPool, start_new_thread, Queue, wrap_errors, ThreadPoolExecutor.

Threads Versus Greenlets in Python Networking Library Gevent - In a previous post, I gave an introduction to gevent to show some of the If I now run this with a thread pool of 200 threads, I can indeed finish

Ditching the Task Queue for Gevent - In this post I'll describe how I did just that using gevent, though the The differences between a WSGI server like CherryPy (thread-pool) and