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WebGL and Alpha - I've noticed some OpenGL developers having issues with how WebGL treats alpha the same as .png <img> tags with transparency and 2D canvas tags. . If you actually want to work with pre-multiplied alpha textures then you probably want.

Transparent textures behaviour in WebGL - You're running into depth buffer issues, it has nothing to do with your shader or blend modes. What's happening is that the order that you

WebGL texture transparent PNG · Issue #1878 · processing/p5.js - I'm attempting to use a transparent PNG as a texture, but the alpha channel doesn't register. var sketch = function($p5){ var img; $p5.preload = function() { img = $p5.loadImage("data/shape3.png"); } $p5.setup = function() { $p5.createCanvas(500, 500, $p5.WEBGL); } $p5.draw

Alpha texture in WebGL? : webgl - I want to make an object semi-transparent but without explicitly setting the alpha value in the fragment shader to 0.5. Instead, I want to use

Texturing a png so alpha channel part is transparent? - Hello I have a PNG with an alpha channel I would like it so the transparent parts of the image are transparent when I texture to a quad.

WebGL, Blending, and Why You're Probably Doing it Wrong - A WebGL canvas is just another (potentially transparent) element on a easier to render images with HTML than to draw textures in WebGL.

Alpha Blending and WebGL - David Guan - some tips(including a bug in Chrome) related to the alpha channel in WebGL The codepen below draws two half transparent triangles at the same position

Using textures in WebGL - Now that our sample program has a rotating 3D cube, let's map a texture onto it instead of having its faces be solid colors.

WebGL Lesson 8 – the depth buffer, transparency and blending - WebGL Lesson 8 – the depth buffer, transparency and blending . in the fragment shader to use that alpha value when processing the texture:

WebGL Text - Textures - The last one was about using Canvas 2D for rendering text over a WebGL canvas. .. For the parts of the texture with transparent black 0,0,0,0. src = [0, 0, 0, 0]

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Transparency - Move the pointer left and right across the image to change its position. This program overlays one image over another by modifying the alpha value of the image

tint() - To apply transparency to an image without affecting its color, use white as the tint color and specify an alpha value. For instance, tint(255, 128) will make an

setAlpha() - ellipse(10, 10, width - 10, height - 10); squareColor.setAlpha(128 + 128 * sin( millis() / 1000)); fill(squareColor); noStroke(); rect(13, 13, width - 26, height - 26); } .

Alpha Mask - Alpha Mask. Loads a "mask" for an image to specify the transparency in different parts of the image. The two images are blended together using the mask()

p5.Image - loadPixels(); createCanvas(100, 100); background(0); // helper for writing color to array function writeColor(image, x, y, red, green, blue, alpha) { let index = (x + y

alpha() - alpha() fill(c); rect(15, 15, 35, 70); let value = alpha(c); // Sets 'value' to 102 fill( value); rect(50, 15, 35, 70); Extracts the alpha value from a color or pixel array.

Color - Alpha means transparency and is particularly useful when you want to draw The alpha values for an image are sometimes referred to collectively as the " alpha

reference - Environment: Events: IO: Image. Lights Creating & Reading: alpha(): blue(): brightness(): color(): green(): hue(): lerpColor(): lightness(): red(): saturation(): p5.

Loaded image transparency in p5.js? - Is there any way to change the alpha value of a loaded image in p5.js? I'm trying to make an image, loaded with loadImage, fade in and out.

tint() \ Language (API) \ Processing 3+ - Description, Sets the fill value for displaying images. Images can be tinted to specified colors or made transparent by including an alpha value.

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preload() - waits until preload() is done img.loadPixels(); // get color of middle pixel c = img .get(img.width / 2, img.height / 2); } function draw() { background(c); image(img,

Load and Display Image - Load and Display Image. Images can be loaded and displayed to the screen at their actual size or any other size. To run this example locally, you will need an

loadImage() - Loads an image from a path and creates a p5.Image from it. The image may not be immediately available for rendering If you want to ensure that the image is ready before doing anything with it, place the loadImage() call in preload(). You may also supply a callback function to handle the image when it's ready.

image() - let img; function preload() { img = loadImage('assets/laDefense.jpg'); } function 0) // Width and height are the img's original width and height image(img, 0, 0); }.

Working with Images using p5.js - You don't want to bring in a 15MB image file into p5.js. Note: It is important to place the loadImage() function inside of the preload() function so that it loads

7.8: Objects and Images - p5.js Tutorial - anything from local storage in preload() function in this case i'm trying to load image "Access to Image at 'file:///home/p5/resource/bHeart.png'

p5.js preload() - In preload(), I'm loading 15 images into an array like so: for (var i = 0; i < numOfImages; i++) { imgs[i] = loadImage("images/" + i + "_image.png"); }.

preload() hangs on loadImage · Issue #674 · processing/p5.js-web - if image is passed a string, maybe it should only load something like a . @ lmccart It's good to learn that p5js is trying to strike a balance

"magic" image loading · Issue #434 · processing/p5.js · GitHub - That's correct version? (I used BASE64 because I didn't want to run a local server ) var sketch = function(p) { var fondo; p.preload = function()

Displaying preloaded image (p5.js) - This video covers how to have a JavaScript object store a reference to an p5.js image. Support

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mask() - Description. Masks part of an image from displaying by loading another image and using it's alpha channel as an alpha channel for this image.

Alpha Mask - Loads a "mask" for an image to specify the transparency in different parts of the image. The two images are blended together using the mask() method of p5.

Can i create a mask from a shape?? - April 2018 edited April 2018 in p5.js Library Questions (in this case an ellipse) and change background color but keep the mask untouched?

masking, or clipping mask with p5.js - There isn't a way to do this out of the box with P5.js. Right now your question is more of a math question than it is a P5.js question.

mask() and <img> or <video> · Issue #1044 · processing/p5.js · GitHub - Image object, but currently the mask() function I believe is not compatible with a video or img DOM element. So this is really a note to self for me

mask inverted? · Issue #531 · processing/p5.js · GitHub - I think the mask() function might be inverted. Related to #121 I am porting a Processing example ("AlphaMask") and changed the mask.jpg to

p5js-image-alpha-mask - p5.js image/alpha mask example Glitch is the friendly community where everyone can discover & create the best apps on the web.

p5.js move image within mask - Insecure Resource. The resource you are linking to is using the HTTP protocol, which may not work when the browser is using HTTPS.

Quil API Loading & Displaying - Masks part of an image from displaying by loading another image and using it as an No; Original Processing method: PImage.mask(); Original p5js method

1.4: Color - p5.js Tutorial - In this video, I show you how to add colors to your p5.js sketches.