were butterflies called flutterbys

Why are butterflies called - insect we see every summer was originally called a “flutterby,” but a tongue- tied VIP in It goes back to about the year 700 when ancient Britons were As for “flutterby,” there's a lot of etymological nonsense about it on the

What's buttery about butterflies? - Swift invented (or wrote down) a number of these sort of things, where changing the word in some way is supposed to supply its definition and origin.

Is it true that butterflies used to be called flutterbys? - I've heard they used to be called flutterbys, which was changed to English called them butterflies because the ones in most abundance were

How did butterflies get their name? Here's the answer. - As you can see the spelling is varied but it's pretty hard to argue that they were ever called flutterbys. Except for in the book The Last of the

Why are butterflies called 'butterflies'? - Because it is such an old word, we don't really know who or when someone said "That 'thing' over there is a 'butterfly'." One story is that they were named so

How did butterflies get their English name? - Why is a butterfly called a butterfly in Britain? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the reason is unknown! However, two possible

etymology - The origin of the name for an insect with colorful wings that is currently called a " butterfly", is a "FLY" that eats "Butter". Going even further back, the root of the

Flutterby - There used to be a belief that Butterflies stole cream and milk. It's why in German the word for butterfly, "Schmetterling" also refers to cream in its

ELI5: Why isn't a Butterfly called a 'Flutterby'? It makes much - The fact that butterflies were once called flutterbys is a popular story, but like many popular

Why are butterflies called "butterflies"? - This week, "MadeofAwesome4ever" asks, "I've heard that butterflies were once called