Which css hacks for IE 6 and 7 are future proof?

Which css hacks for IE 6 and 7 are future proof? - Using hacks can never be guaranteed, even for the same major versions of a browser .. It is unlikely that they will fix a css bug in IE6 in future

cross browser - It is unlikely that they will fix a css bug in IE6 in future minor releases, but still you of hacks as much as possible, the reason is simple, they can't be future-proof.

IE CSS Hacks All - http://dimox.net/personal-css-hacks-for-ie6-ie7-ie8/ . I do wish there was a more future-proof way to get the browser type.. hopefully microsoft will have fixed the

Bruce Lawson's personal site : Future-proof your CSS with - Future-proof your CSS with Conditional Comments IE<7 doesn't understand the child selector, so doesn't bother with the “hug Opera” rule. A lot of css hacks are to feed rules to IE6 and below to compensate for the lack of

Quick Tip: How to Target IE6, IE7, and IE8 Uniquely with 4 Characters - Quick Tip: How to Target IE6, IE7, and IE8 Uniquely with 4 Characters. by Jeffrey Way 29 Mar A Note About CSS Hacks. It's worth noting The biggest concern is that hacks aren't future proof, at least not really. For example

Comments on Avoiding CSS Hacks for Internet Explorer 24 ways - Will be interesting to see if it does indeed future proof it for ie7. . If the * hack violates the 2nd rule because IE 6 is current, by the time IE 7 comes around (and

ComplexSpiral Redux - Unfortunately, the Box Model hack is not triggered in IE 6, which means we're back at square one. Important Note: Internet Explorer 7 is going to be released soon. my own eyes, but for now, I'll simply point out the "Future Proof" section below. In a nutshell, we need to feed a few lines of CSS to every browser, and then

Supporting IE with conditional comments - Dev.Opera - Back then, IE7 was yet to come, its precursors IE6 and IE5 were hanging in the air “Weak CSS Support Hacks” use the fact that IE<7 can't support advanced . a form of browser-sniffing, albeit one that you can guarantee will be future proof.

Future-Proof Web Design - IE6 and IE7 reserve white space for the empty legend tag. The HTML One should *never* use hacks that are not future proof! Anonymous

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Apply style ONLY on IE - See specific CSS & JS hacks beyond IE. . touch my html files and mess up something there) you should never include styles in your html file.

How To Create an IE-Only Stylesheet - Thank you. This is a very useful resource. My que. Different CSS for each browser? like Safari,Crome ,Mozila,IE. Ex <!–[if gte IE 7]>. <![endif]–.

How to Target Internet Explorer 10 and 11 in CSS - Use that body class to target only IE in your CSS. Use a malformed media query to exploit a bug in IE's media query parser so that only IE will parse the code, while other browsers ignore it. Place your IE-specific CSS inside that malformed media query. Use a properly formed, but Microsoft-specific media query.

Pro Tip: How to Write Conditional CSS for IE10 and 11 - p>While working on recent Drupal projects, I learned that Internet 10 and 11 ( IE10-11) no longer support IE conditional comments. Conditional

IE CSS Hacks All - http://blog.vervestudios.co/blog/post/2011/05/13/IE9-Only-CSS-Hack.aspx Note : Seems the Conditional Comment is not necessary, but I like to include it for

CSS Specific for Internet Explorer - It gets frustrating when different versions of Explorer displays web pages differently [if IE 8]> <style type="text/css"> /* css for IE 8 */ </style> <!

Targeting IE10 & IE11 Browsers with CSS - Targeting IE10 & IE11 browsers with CSS is actually possible, but not the conditional commenting method we used in older versions of IE.

Using CSS @media hacks to apply IE specific CSS rules - This page is designed to detect loop holes in a browsers CSS parser. I'm using it to see if it's possible to: Wrap IE specific CSS rules in @media blocks. Trick IE

How to Define Style Sheet Only for Internet Explorer - So what we do here is define separate style sheets for different versions of IE Let's say the CSS property you have defined for some element doesn't work as

Target various IE and Edge versions. CSS targeting hacks. - Analyze HTML; Maximize HTML Editor; Minimize HTML Editor; Fold All; Unfold All. 15. 1. <h1>Target various IE and Edge versions. CSS targeting hacks.</h1>.

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Angular and Internet Explorer – Angular In Depth - Angular CLI applications require a couple more steps in order to support Internet Explorer. This article shows you how.

Browser support - Firefox, latest. Edge, 2 most recent major versions. IE, 11 10 9. IE Mobile, 11 The suggested polyfills are the ones that run full Angular applications. You may

Internet Explorer 11 and Angular 2+ – Agilix – Medium - IE 11 and Angular don't always mix. But, there are things that really aren't up for the Angular devs to fix… Webassembly (WASM); CSS Grid (bugs); Flexbox ( bugs); Bad performance · WEBM · Service Workers (PWA); Web

How to target only IE (any version) within a stylesheet? - Internet Explorer 9 and lower : You could use conditional comments to load For IE css hack */ margin-top: 10px\9 /* apply to all ie from 8 and

Load different CSS rule depending on the browser in an Angular 4 - https://www.codeproject.com/Tips/1167666/How-to-Apply-CSS- only for Internet Explorer */ @media screen and (-ms-high-contrast: active),

Developer Guide: Internet Explorer Compatibility - This document describes the Internet Explorer (IE) idiosyncrasies when dealing with custom HTML Use ng-style tags instead of style="{{ someCss }}" .

AngularJS: Developer Guide: Internet Explorer Compatibility - AngularJS 1.2 will continue to support IE8, but the core team does not plan to spend time createElement('ng-view');; // Optionally these for CSS; document.

Handling common HTML and CSS problems - Now you should be familiar with the main types of cross browser HTML and CSS problems that you'll meet in web development, and how to go

CSS issue in IE11 · Issue #8629 · angular/material · GitHub - In the nav sidebar on https://material.angularjs.org/latest/ When click the Browser Type: Internet Explorer; Browser Version: 11.306.10586.0

T102569 Performance issues on IE due to layout attributes in - Aklapper renamed this task from Performance issues on IE to Performance issues on IE due to layout attributes in angular-material.css.Oct 16 2015, 1:40 PM .