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QuerySet for non-empty TextField - .exclude(notes=u''). Read more here: django.db.models.query.QuerySet.exclude.

How to Filter for Empty or Null Values in a Django QuerySet - How to Filter for Empty or Null Values in a Django QuerySet . to locate empty fields (such as string fields that contain nothing but are not NULL in the database) ,

Django Tips #8 Blank or Null? - The Django convention is to use the empty string, not NULL. TextField( max_length=500, blank=True) # Optional (don't put null=True)

10. What is the difference between null=True and blank=True - null=True will set the field's value to NULL i.e., no data. ForeignKey(null=True, blank=True) // The exception is CharFields() and TextFields(), which in Django

Making queries | Django documentation - TextField() def __str__(self): return self.name class Author(models. . Each time you refine a QuerySet , you get a brand-new QuerySet that is in no way .. that meets the filter condition, Django will treat it as if there is an empty (all values are

QuerySet API reference | Django documentation - Returns a new QuerySet containing objects that do not match the given lookup parameters. . Each order_by() call will clear any previous ordering. date/ time fields in SQLite and Django currently emulates these features using a text field.

Validators - There's no extra hidden validation behavior being called on the model instance. TextField() validators=[<UniqueValidator(queryset=CustomerReportRecord. objects.all . In these cases you may want to disable the automatically generated validators, by specifying an empty list for the serializer Meta.validators attribute.

Workaround the condition exclude(any_char_field='') · Issue #143 - This problem is not related to fields that can never contain an empty string: in the django.db model, which is usual for a default Salesforce text field.. In the case of empty string, a queryset with exclude(any_text_field='"") is

Accessing Translated and Translation Fields - TextField(null=True, blank=True) # default translation field text_en = models. There is no other situation which can be considered changing several fields at

Filter Reference - The callable receives a QuerySet , the name of the model field to filter on, This filter does simple character matches, used with CharField and TextField This value defaults FILTERS_NULL_CHOICE_VALUE and needs to be a non-empty

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How to Filter for Empty or Null Values in a Django QuerySet - How to Filter for Empty or Null Values in a Django QuerySet . to locate empty fields (such as string fields that contain nothing but are not NULL in the database) ,

Filtering for empty or NULL names in a queryset - Firstly, the Django docs strongly recommend not using NULL values for string- based fields such as CharField or TextField. Read the

4. How to do a NOT query in Django queryset? - If you are using django.contrib.auth , you will have a table called auth_user . from django.db.models import Q >>> queryset = User.objects.filter(~Q(id__lt=5)) >

Tips and Solutions - It's not always appropriate to directly match a filter to its model field's type, as some There are a number of cases where you may need to filter by empty or null

QuerySet API reference | Django documentation - Usually when you'll interact with a QuerySet you'll use it by chaining filters. This will follow all non-null foreign keys it can find - nullable foreign keys must be

#5763 (Queryset doesn't have a "not equal" filter operator) – Django - Using 'exclude' it is possible to negate a filter, but it's not as clear and clean as a direct filter. Including an inequality operator isn't hard and difficult, I believe.

Model field reference | Django documentation - Avoid using null on string-based fields such as CharField and TextField . . If False , the field will not be displayed in the admin or any other ModelForm . .. A regular expression, as a string, that FilePathField will use to filter filenames.

Django Tips #8 Blank or Null? - Django models API offers two similar options that usually cause confusion Defines if a given database column will accept null values or not.

Allow filter with blank field · Issue #111 · carltongibson/django-filter - Hello, I've read the issue about filtering with 0 for the intergerField. But i would like to filter with no value (for exemple in charfield) to retreive

Django tips: the difference between 'blank' and 'null' - So Django merrily goes along making all your model's fields required And by default, Django creates all the columns in your database with NOT NULL declarations. Now, Django includes a built-in template filter (found in

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QuerySet API reference | Django documentation - isnull ¶. Takes either True or False , which correspond to SQL queries of IS NULL and IS NOT NULL , respectively. Example:.

Django Query __isnull=True or = None - They are equal: >>> str(Person.objects.filter(age__isnull=True).query) == str( Person.objects.filter(age=None).query) True

How to Filter for Empty or Null Values in a Django QuerySet - Django features a great many methods and functions to simplify even the most with field values that are NULL , the field lookup of choice should be isnull .

Tips and Solutions - While the underlying column type for category is an integer, isnull lookups expect a boolean value. A NumberFilter however only validates numbers. Filters are

`isnull` for `ForeignObjectRel` fields · Issue #882 · carltongibson - ForeignKey('Domain') # To get all Task s not referenced by a DomainTask , Django allows: Task.objects.filter(domaintask__isnull=True) .

Automatic __isnull filter field does not work in django-rest-framework - The documentation says that defining __isnull in the filter_fields for a django-rest- framework viewset should allow for filtering based on __isnull

django-isnull-list-filter · PyPI - Quickstart. Install Django isNull list_filter: pip install django-isnull-list-filter. or use development version: pip install -e

IsNull - django - Python documentation - process_lhs f; get_prep_lookup f; process_rhs f; as_sql f; lookup_name i; get_db_prep_lookup f; is_summary u; contains_aggregate f; batch_process_rhs f

django-isnull-list-filter - Repository. https://github.com/PetrDlouhy/django-isnull-list-filter.git. Project Slug. django-isnull-list-filter. Last Built. 2 years ago failed. Maintainers. Badge

Query Expressions are Amazing - Django has had one form of a query expression for several years now: . now active = When( last_login__isnull=False, last_login__gte=now()