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Changing dataset connection string at runtime - You can modify a single instance of the table adapter. _myAdapter.Connection. ConnectionString = connectionString;.

How to dynamically change connection string in generated dataset - I can see that your solution is fine in most cases, but I actually want to change the connection string at runtime. The reason is that the user is

Changing the connection string for typed DataSets – Marcelo's - Changing the connection string for typed DataSets may have run into the situation where you want to read connection information at runtime,

C# Tutorial - Overriding Dataset Settings Connection String. So say you have a database connection [DataSet] that you have added to your project. You do not want to store the password with it (which will end up in the .config file) and may want to change the database name at runtime from what you are using at runtime.

Overriding Dataset Settings Connection String - C# By Design - Next add the following line of code to the C# code behind. Changing dataset connectionstring at runtime vs2010. If you need more

How to change dataset QUERY connection string at runtime in code - I basically have two different connections. One for DEV and one for PROD. I store them in a helper class. I want to be able to change the typed

Dynamically change connection string for Typed Dataset - You want to customize the database connection string at run-time? For the example, I use Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft SQL Server and C#, but other The first button at the top ([Data source:] Change), is the entry for the server TypedDataSetGenerator", "")] private void InitConnection() { this.

Dynamic Connection String - Great question. The connection string is not actually stored within your XSD. If you added the XSD to your project using something like the

In C#, how do you change the connection string in dataset.xsd? - hello, in my c# project i have DataSet abs_ds inside a DataSet i have a TableAdapter ta1 ta get a data from a stored procedure in an sql server

change tableadapter connection string at runtime - How to change connectionstring dynamically in c# connect to sql server database example

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How to change connection string in DataSet.xsd? - When generating a DataSet with the Wizard you are asked to Create-and-Store a ConnectionString. Take a look in your App.Config.

How to: Save and Edit Connection Strings - Edit connection strings for datasets. In Solution Explorer, double-click the dataset (.xsd file) that has the connection you want to edit. Select the TableAdapter or query that has the connection you want to edit. In the Properties window, expand the Connection node.

how to change connection string in DataSet.xsd ? - MSDN - i have build my project in C#, i add DataSet.xsd, and connect him to i need to change the connection string on the DataSet.xsd file - but how

In C#, how do you change the connection string in dataset.xsd? - So, with that said, if you want your XSD to point at a different connection string, open it up, and look for the <Connection> XML block. Within there, you'll see an element with an attribute that says 'ConnectionStringObject". You can change this to the name of another connection string in your app.config file.

Setting a Typed DataSet (xsd) connectionstring Dynamically - except i only have DataSetName.xsd and DataSetName.xss files in the To change the connection string in runtime, you could change it as

Changing C# Dataset (XSD) Connection Strings – Where Madness - One thing that I have often found I have needed to do when programming is to change the connection string properties of an dataset table

15.8.x DataSet Issue: Typed DataSet - Cannot select any existing connection strings from the DataSet designer. For your issue, there has a product change on 15.8. You can . Close VS and open your dataset (.xsd file) and dummy dataset in another editor. 2.

Change ConnectionString of DATASET - So I want to set my Dataset Connection to that XML. Is it possible to change dataset XSD connection to a Class Method that retrieve data from

How do I change an XSD connection string dynamically? - Hello, I have an ASP.NET Web site. I have a MyCS connection string in my web. config. I have a MyDS dataset in my App_Code. In MyDS I have

ASP 2.0 DataSet.xsd - Hi, I've been trying to work with the XSDs and ran into a few problems. 1. How do you programatically change the connection string at runtime