Passing optional arguments ( through to another method that takes optional arguments in AS3

Passing optional arguments (rest) through to another method - I think you are on the right lines using apply. This seems to do illustrate the behaviour you want: static function f1(raw:String, rest:*):void

AS3: Can we skip an optional parameter and assign value to the - Is it possible to skip some optional parameters without using (rest) parameter? You can pass null , for a "defaulted" parameter, and as3 will use the default value public function Dialog(message:String,title:String=null,dialogsize:int=99):void I would use a valued object instead of an object to have more control over the

ActionScript 3 fundamentals: Functions - In ActionScript 3, you can declare default parameter values for a function. (rest) parameter accepts a variable number of arguments which will be stored as Functions passed as arguments to another function are passed by

Adobe Flash Platform * Functions - A function is called a function closure if it is defined in any other way. You use the parentheses operator to enclose any function parameters you want For example, you can use the Math.random() method, which takes no parameters, to generate a . In ActionScript 3.0, all arguments are passed by reference, because all

The ActionScript 3.0 Migration Guide: Making the Move from - Using Functions, Properties, and Keywords in ActionScript 3 (rest) can also define the optional parameters within a function definition. values in the arguments object in the same order they were passed into the function, by

Foundation ActionScript 3.0 for Flash and Flex - Parameters can provide default values to simplify function calls and can be passed named, typed values that the function takes as input, known as parameters. greet(person:) function by passing it a String value after the person argument a label for its first argument, and its other arguments are optional because they

Using Functions, Properties, and Keywords in ActionScript 3 - Now, let's take a look at the bytecode from nemo440: The first way involves passing two parameters and the second passing only one, which matches with how we wrote the AS3 code. AbcQName('void,AbcNamespace(22,')) Needs Arguments: false Needs Rest: false Needs Activation: false Has Optional Parameters:

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ActionScript 3 fundamentals: Functions - There are two types of functions in ActionScript 3: methods and function closures. The context in which the function is defined determines whether a function is a called a method or a function. A function is called a method if you define it as part of a class definition or attach it to an instance of an object.

AS3: Functions - Functions are fundamental tools used in ActionScript to reduce the amount of written code, save time, and add a logical structure to your code. This tutorial will

Introduction to ActionScript 3.0/Functions - 5 How can I declare and call a function with an output? 6 How should I name my functions? 7 What are callers and callees? 8 Can I put a function in a variable?

Introduction to ActionScript 2.0/Functions - Definition of functions; Blocks; Function declarations; Function calls; Parameters; Return values; Naming functions; Callers and callees; Functions in variables.

Exiting and Returning Values from Functions (ActionScript: The - Exiting and Returning Values from Functions. Unless instructed otherwise, a function will end naturally when the interpreter finishes executing the last statement

AS3 101: Functions – Basix - This is part 2 of the introduction to ActionScript 3.0 series. We'll be talking about functions. Just like last time, when we focused on variables,

Adobe ActionScript 3 - Functions - In this sample chapter, author Kris Hadlock explains the differences between function arguments and the new (rest) keyword, attribute

Using Functions, Properties, and Keywords in ActionScript 3 - Parameters are a fundamental part of the function definition. ActionScript 2 allows parameter typing, meaning that parameters can be specified

Function Parameters - An Function within Flash CS3 allow you to create a set of instructions and only have to write

private var as3

AS3: should private variables have an _ - I make it a general rule in ActionScript 3 to follow Adobe's style. private var _foo :String; public function get foo():String { return _foo; } public

ActionScript 3 fundamentals: Variables - Naming limitations for variables in ActionScript 3 public var userName:String; private var _correctAnswer:Boolean; internal var userAge:uint;

Public, Private, Protected, Internal: Access Modifiers in AS3 - Note: In AS3, the protected and private access modifiers are only allowed to I almost never declare a variable as public , but will use implicit

Foundation ActionScript 3 - Event public class bullets extends MovieClip { var bulletspeed = 10 private var bulletdamage:Number = 10 public function bullets(x_,y_)

AdvancED Flex 3 - //private var canvas:Sprite = new Sprite();. //private var gr:Graphics = canvas. graphics;. private var myShapes:Array = new Array;. private var

As3: How to Access a variable from another class discussion on - navigateToURL; public class PopUp { private var _url:String = "http://www."; private var _width:Number= 400; private var _height:Number= 300;

Advanced ActionScript 3: Design Patterns - This example belongs to the AS3 Tutorials Novice and is part of our private var sprite:Sprite; private var redRect:Sprite; private var

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Adobe Flash Platform * Variables - Each variable must have a unique name. In ActionScript 3, you can name variables using words that remind you what the variables are.

ActionScript 3 fundamentals: Variables - In ActionScript 3.0, variables are always assigned the scope of the function or class in which they are declared. A global variable is a variable that you define outside of any function or class definition. For example, the following code creates a global variable strGlobal by declaring it outside of any function.

Introduction to ActionScript 3.0/Variables and Data Type - Key concepts: Data types; Primitive data types vs. Composite data types; Literals; Typecasting; The concepts of variables and constants; Variable declaration,

Variables (ActionScript: The Definitive Guide) - In order to manage and retrieve all that information, we need to store it in variables, the primary information-storage containers of ActionScript. A variable is a like

AS3 Variables, Data types, Classes, Properties and Methods - Variables, Data types, Classes, Properties and Methods in ActionScript 3.0. By Blue_Chi | Flash CS3 | ActionScript 3 | Beginner. This tutorial will introduce you to

ActionScript - Default Variable Values - In ActionScript, all variables, when declared are given a default value. The wise programmer immediately assigns a specific initial value to every variable that

ActionScript tutorial: How to create a variable - Enough theory, let's actually get to work with making variables. Create a new Flash document (ActionScript 3.0). Click on the first frame of the

Flash Actionscript Tutorials - To save data using the FileReference Class: var data:String = "JDLKJFSDKJFHS "; var file:FileReference = new FileReference();,"filepath.txt");.

AS3 101: Variables - Basix - This ActionScript tutorial discusses how to name, declare the data type, and set the value of a

How can I save variables to a file? Actionscript 3.0 - Hello everyone, I am Anuj and in these series of videos you will learn Actionscript and some

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ActionScript 3 fundamentals: Syntax - Code comments are a tool you can use to write text that the computer ignores in your code. ActionScript 3 code supports two types of comments: single-line comments and multiline comments. The compiler ignores text that is marked as a comment.

Is there a shortcut for commenting out multiple lines of code for - You can select your code and Ctrl+M to comment and to uncomment Ctrl+Shift+M .

Flash CS6 Actionscript for Beginners - - This tutorial covers how to create code comments in Actionscript and

Object-Oriented ActionScript 3.0 - Follow me on fb: Well if you don't know how to program in