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UnrealVS Extension - The UnrealVS extension for Visual Studio provides easy access to common actions when developing with Unreal Engine 4. This document will explain how to

Setting Up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine - The UnrealVS extension for Visual Studio provides easy access to common actions when developing with Unreal Engine 4.

UnrealVS Extension - The UnrealVS extension does not work with the Visual Studio Express editions. It is only compatible with Visual Studio Community and Professional editions.

VS2017 and UE4.18.3, setting up UnrealVS Extension /engine/extra - I'm following directions from an online course to try to set up UE4 and Visual Studio. I'm currently trying to set up the UnrealVS extension,

ue4-cpptools - VSCode extension that provides tools for working with Unreal Engine 4 C++ projects. You may want to check out VSCodeSourceCodeAccess,

UE4 Specifier Editor Tool - Specifier Tag Generator and Editor for Unreal Engine 4 C++ projects This is my first Visual Studio Extension and my first time working with

hackalyze/ue4-vs-extensions: Useful UE4 Visual Studio - Useful UE4 Visual Studio extensions. Contribute to hackalyze/ue4-vs-extensions development by creating an account on GitHub.

Kantan UE4 VS - This extension uses the UE4 reflection system to expose blueprint properties through the Visual Studio watch windows when examining a

Updated to Visual Studio 2017 and now Intellisense working 100 - I then installed “UnrealVS Extension” for Visual Studio 2017 following the instructions on the Unreal Engine website. I only followed steps 1-5:.

Unreal C++ with Visual Studio Code – Jolly Monster Studio - In the spirit of show casing alternative ways of working with Unreal and C++ I wanted to share with you guys how to use Visual Studio Code as

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Macros for Visual Studio - Macros for Visual Studio is an extension for Visual Studio that enables the use of macros to automate repetitive tasks in the IDE. The extension can record most of the commands in Visual Studio including text editing operations.

Visual Commander - Automate repetitive tasks in Visual Studio IDE. Reuse your existing Visual Studio macros or create new commands and extensions in C# or VB. Record and playback text editing macros. A Visual Commander command is a class written in C# or VB implementing the Run method.

Text Macros for Visual Studio 2012-2017 - What is it? An extension for Visual Studio 2012-2017 that brings back support for macros in text/code editors. These macros can be used to

Common macros for MSBuild commands and properties - Depending on your installation options, Visual Studio can make hundreds of macros available to you in a Visual Studio project (based on

Can I record/play macros in Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015/2017 - You can try the Text Macros for Visual Studio 2012-2017 extension (I am the author). It basically does the same thing as the Notepad++ macros

Step by step Macros for Visual Studio » Iris Classon - I was asked for a simple example showing how to use/get started with the Macros for Visual Studio extension I mentioned a efw days ago on

Visual Commander - You can reuse existing Visual Studio macros from previous versions of the IDE and create new commands and extensions in C# or VB. You can also record and

Introducing Visual Studio .NET Macros - Thankfully, Microsoft has delivered robust macro capabilities in Visual Studio . NET that are easy to learn and implement. This article introduces the new macro

Visual Studio Macros and Hot Keys - As of version 11, macros will no longer be available in Visual Studio. This marks the first version in nearly a decade to not allow for crating

Macros Have Been Dropped from Visual Studio 11 - Shows how to record your own macro and assign it to a hot key in Visual Studio. Also shows