Cecil - Getting the defined attributes properties

Cecil - Getting the defined attributes properties - Should work fine through accessing Properties collection by indexer. if (attribute. Constructor.DeclaringType.FullName

Migration · jbevain/cecil Wiki · GitHub - Cecil. For most projects I've personally ported, half a day was enough to get it running If you want to iterate over all the types defined in an assembly, you can use the usage of the Sequence property to use the extension method Mono. Cecil.Rocks. If you still want to have access to the custom attributes or the marshal

Getting all the Properties for a TypeDefinition - unexpected - I thought Cecil would "flatten" things out and give me those properties from BaseClass. Is there a way to get all of the properties for a TypeDefinition, base class(es) included (i.e. all the reference and a definition. Cecil does this

Use Mono.Cecil to Reflect Assembly Metadata with Better - We defined metadata in each component assembly with attributes and . can get values of the arguments and named property values from its

TypeDefinition Class - Mono.Cecil.MemberReference · Mono.Cecil.TypeReference. Mono.Cecil. TypeDefinition(String, String, TypeAttributes, TypeReference) Public property . Get the generic type definition if the type is a generic type instance (otherwise, just

Mono.Cecil FAQ - Cecil.AssemblyDefinition which corresponds to the MyLibrary assembly. You can also get one of the ModuleDefinitions (AssemblyDefinition.Modules property)

Retrieving Information Stored in Attributes - Level); // Get the Reviewed value. Remember to import the namespace in which the attribute definition resides if it level, the attribute must be defined with the AllowMultiple property set to true in the AttributeUsageAttribute.

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