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Rails where with multiple conditions - Scopes in ActiveRecord are chainable: User.staff.where(university: @user. university). Chaining .where or scopes creates AND clauses.

Multiple Where Conditions Using Active Record - This short snippet will show you how to use multiple where clauses using Active Record. First, lets take a look at multiple conditions joined by and. In the example above, we used the same variable for both where conditions, though you don't need to do that.

where (ActiveRecord::QueryMethods) - #where accepts conditions in one of several formats. If #where is called with multiple arguments, these are treated as if they were passed as . Rails Guides.

OR-ing query conditions on Rails 4 and 3.2 - Security issues with hash conditions in Rails 2 and Rails 3 The reason for this is that in production, multiple worker processes can cause race conditions:.

Active Record Query Interface - Retrieving a Single Object; Retrieving Multiple Objects; Retrieving Multiple Objects in Batches. Conditions. Pure String Conditions; Array Conditions; Hash

Rails 5 ActiveRecord where, find_by, or, not and Eager - Rails 5 ActiveRecord where, find_by, or, not and Eager Loading .. to chain conditions, or condition, not condition, find_by and eager loading.

Multiple conditions on same combination of columns · Issue #772 - Let's say I have one Rails model and it has_many others class A < ActiveRecord:: Base has_many :bs end class B < ActiveRecord::Base end I

How do you find an item that satisfies multiple conditions? - I know that to find an item that satisfies one condition, it's this: try this to check that an item satisfies multiple conditions: @items.find {|item| …

[Help] Multiple conditions on Join : rails - Hi there! On the console I have two queries working the way that I want them to: Select all Measures that don't have connections to Report or, if.

How to validate uniqueness of multiple conditions? : rails - Im creating an app with bookings of amenities. Only one user can book a specific amenity per day, and for that I have the following:

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ActiveRecord's where.not - It's “effectively” the same because where.not has some extra juice: it will fully qualify the column name with the table name, continue to work if

ActiveRecord's where.not and nil - ActiveRecord's where.not has some potentially surprising behavior when it comes to null values.

How to express a NOT IN query with ActiveRecord/Rails? - I'm using this: Topic.where('id NOT IN (?)', Array.wrap(actions)). Where actions is an array with: [1,2,3,4,5]. Edit: For Rails 4 notation:

not (ActiveRecord::QueryMethods::WhereChain) - Returns a new relation expressing WHERE + NOT condition according to the conditions in the arguments. #not accepts conditions as a string, array, or hash.

Active Record Query Interface - NOT SQL queries can be built by where.not : Client.where. not (locked: true ). In other words, this query can be generated by

Rails 5 ActiveRecord where, find_by, or, not and Eager - AND "tasks"."priority" = ? [["complete", false], ["priority", 3]] => #<ActiveRecord:: Relation []>. No results. Find all incomplete tasks with priority 9.

3 ActiveRecord Mistakes That Slow Down Rails Apps: Count, Where - I have a rule of thumb to judge whether or not any particular SQL query is unnecessary. Ideally, a Rails controller action should execute one

How to find records where column is not null or empty in Rails 4 or 5 - We all know that especially in legacy applications sometimes our database columns are not that well maintained. So we need to query for,

Rails: Find Column Null, not Null or Empty · zaiste.net - Let's find records where column is NULL or empty using Active Record Article. where(topic: [nil, ""]). Let's now find records where column is NOT