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where is proguard config file in android studio, Error processing SSI file

where is proguard config file in android studio

android studio - proguard.cfg file is missing - In the new version of the ADT, the file generated is not proguard.cfg but proguard -project.txt . Proguard must be activated in the file . You can

Enabling proguard for Android. – Maheshwar Ligade – Medium - Enabling proguard in an android studio is a really easy task but I really file of the app; enables the proguard minifyEnabled true; enable

Configuring ProGuard · codepath/android_guides Wiki · GitHub - In addition, you can either check the GitHub source to see if this file exists, or you can navigate through Android Studio by clicking on the Project tab and navigating to app -> build -> intermediates -> exploded-aar and looking for the proguard.txt definition.

ProGuard - When you create an Android project, a proguard.cfg file is automatically generated in the root directory of the project. This file defines how ProGuard optimizes

ProGuard - Enable shrinking, obfuscation, and optimization; R8 configuration files Android Studio, <module-dir>/, When you create a new module

Configuring Proguard - Useful configurations and examples for ProGuard. (with Ant, Gradle, Android Studio, and Eclipse) already integrate ProGuard with all the proper settings. Android SDK revision 20 and higher have a different configuration file for enabling

ProGuard manual | Examples - android documentation: Enabling ProGuard with a custom obfuscation configuration file.

Enabling ProGuard with a custom obfuscation configuration file - the Proguard configuration goes into that single file. Noticed that in current Android libraries you do not have to add any

Handling Proguard as Library Developer or in a Multi-Module - Newer versions of the Android™ Studio treat ProGuard as a dependency of

Java Obfuscator - Zelix KlassMaster™ - This video is part of the Udacity course "Gradle for Android and Java". Watch the full course

Error processing SSI file