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Get the children of the parent category - $categories=get_categories( array( 'parent' => $cat->cat_ID ) ); Notice that there are two similar but not equal "get child" parameters that you can use. child_of (integer) Display all categories that are descendants (i.e. children & grandchildren) of the category identified by its ID.

Function Reference/get term children « WordPress Codex - Used to get an array of children taxonomies and write them out with links in an $taxonomy_name ); echo '<ul>'; foreach ( $term_children as $child ) { $term

get_term_children() | Function - Parameters #Parameters. $term_id. (int) (Required) ID of Term to get children. $ taxonomy. (string) (Required) Taxonomy Name.

Get Wordpress child category from specific parent - So now I'm fetching a list of category and its child, then I fetch posts having parent category assigned to it, after I get posts array, I loop into it

How To Get the children of the parent category by parent id in - This code will display all the child categories of selected parent category, tested and works in category.php template file $this_category

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How to Display Only Child Category in your WordPress Post Loop - How to Display Only Child Category in your WordPress Post Loop to avoid clutter . Using get_category() to show only child category. I really have to start to get into this PHP. Great site boys and I notice that you are up to

Get Child Categories of Parent Category on Single Post in Wordpress - I was hoping to find a function in the Wordpress API, that goes something like this the_child_categories("Vermont"); // print Burlington,

Wordpress - <?php // get top level terms $parents = get_terms( 'machine_type', array( 'parent' => 0 ) ); // get post categories $categories = get_the_terms(

Display Child Categories of Selected Parent Category in WordPress - How to display WordPress child categories of selected parent category We are using this to get the id of currently selected category in order