Passing Applescript list to javascript ExtendScript as array for Indesign

Passing Applescript list to javascript ExtendScript as array for - Glad you have something that works, but if you're passing text to ExtendScript, why not format it on the AS side to be ExtendScript-friendly, like

Do Script: AppleScript and ExtendScript - To pass values to and from the script an argument list is used. The array items myValues[0] and myValues[1] would throw an error on execution as do script myJScript language javascript with arguments myArguments tell application " Adobe InDesign CS5.5" set myValues to {"value 1", "value 2"} set

InDesign's do script: deeper dive - To pass in values to a do script, we use an argument list. And when you are working with a list in AppleScript, it's an array in ExtendScript. A list in "Adobe InDesign CC 2015" do script myScript language javascript end tell.

Script to Search with Bridge - Tried it in the Extend Script editor. It's telling me This will list all jpg files in the current folder. Like Show 0 Likes (0) The JavaScript/Bridge search is working and the AppleScript variables are being passed to JavaScript successfully. The only thing I need my_files is an array not a string. You could test

Can you search an Indesign document for all Spe - Better yet, is it possible to get a listing of all the objects; then pass It returns an Array of PageItem objects whatever their level in the As explained by Loic Aigon ( AppleScript offers a whose It's also possible to mimic whose in JavaScript: see the main code in

On 'everyItem()' – Part 1 - It remained undocumented until InDesign CS3, but scripting experts are scripting DOM entities— and the traditional JavaScript arrays. item, obj item ( var indexOrName), Returns this[indexOrName] if you pass a Number , else returns this. that originally an object specifier is an AppleScript key concept.

Mac Automation Scripting Guide: Manipulating Lists of Items - In scripting, a list—typically referred to as an array in JavaScript—is a an For more information about looping through list items in AppleScript, see .. The passed list can contain non-numeric data as well as lists within lists.

json - Затем в ExtendScript, если это в переменной, например myData, if\ end repeat\ tell application \"Adobe InDesign CC 2014\"\ tell script args\ set value name var arr = str.split(","); alert( "Item 1 of APS list is \""+arr[0]+ "\" in the JS context" );.

Scripting InDesign: Working with Page Items - InDesign automatically changes the type of a graphical page item, if necessary, as its geometry In either case, pass an array of two measurement units, [x, y].

How to rewrite Switch scripts from AppleScript to JavaScript - Rewriting an existing Switch script from AppleScript to JavaScript should be relatively It includes the object types like String, Date, ByteArray, RegExp, File, Dir, Assuming the only available automation interface for InDesign is AppleScript, to do this either through the Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit or the ' osascript' utility:.

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Mac Automation Scripting Guide: Manipulating Lists of Items - In JavaScript, array item positions start at 0 —the first item in an array has an index of 0 . The getPositionOfItemInList() AppleScript handler and indexOf() JavaScript method can be used to cross-reference data between corresponding lists. In Listing 21-23 and Listing 21-24, a person is located in a list by name.

MacScripter / Strings and Arrays - Hi, You don't use arrays in AppleScript. The closest thing is list. You could write an AppleScript something like your basic but there's an easier

AppleScript “list” examples - AppleScript “list” FAQ: Can you share some simple macOS AppleScript list examples? Sure. As I've been doing a lot of work with Mac speech

An AppleScript list iterate/loop example - Simple AppleScript list iterate/loop examples. AppleScript “random” examples · AppleScript code to read file contents into a list (array)

AppleScript Programming/Lists and records - Applescript has two data structures, lists and records. A list is an ordered collection of objects. Ordered, in the sense that items can be retrieved by index, and of

Loop through 2 arrays simultaneously in AppleScript - When you join data in AppleScript and the first item of the join is a This scripts starts from your example, loops through the first array and adds

AppleScript: Essential Sub-Routines - However, the current version of AppleScript does not support the use of every whose clauses when targeting lists. For example, the following statement will not

macos - Just so you know, AppleScript does not have object designated with the name array , it uses list instead. It's a minor technicality however, since

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MacScripter / Creating empty Lists? - Also, is there any AppleScript structure that would act as Cocoa's "NSDictionary"? I really need something as powerfull as that for my script, lists

Applescript empty list stops execution - Two things. Not sure why you are using null. Use {} instead. Also you missed the " s" off the end of you variable name in: set listAllDayEvent to {0}. It should be:

macos - AppleScript and Finder - AppleScript and Finder - How to detect an “empty” selection when copying paths But trying to active the Service shows an "empty" service list:.

Mac Automation Scripting Guide: Manipulating Lists of Items - For general information about working with lists in AppleScript, see the list class reference documentation in AppleScript Language Guide.

Beginner Applescript Question : How to ch… - I'm putting some AppleScript into an Automator workflow. I have it grabbing when input is null, typically it's an empty list. try: if input is {} then.

AppleScript “list” examples - AppleScript “list” FAQ: Can you share some simple macOS AppleScript list examples? Sure. As I've been doing a lot of work with Mac speech

condition in applescript if directory is empty do this, else do - I don't know if this is any easier, but it's faster than getting the entire contents if the folder contains many files in subfolders: tell application