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How to set isolation level in @Transactional "READ_UNCOMMITTED". I - In JPA you can try somehting like this, not much certain on how to achieve similar in EclipseLink/Spring. But the overall concept might remain

Introduction to EclipseLink Transactions (ELUG) - The EclipseLink unit of work simplifies transactions and improves transactional performance. It is the preferred method of writing to a database in EclipseLink because it performs the following: Sends a minimal amount of SQL to the database during the commit by updating only the exact changes down to the field level.

Annotation Extensions Reference - The following lists the EclipseLink annotation extensions, .. excepts it also includes any newly-created objects from the transaction.

PersistenceUnitProperties (EclipseLink 2.7.0, API Reference) - The " eclipselink.transaction.join-existing " property set to " true " forces event that an application has invalid JPQL statements declared in annotations or xml.

eclipselink « Transaction « JPA Q&A - Forcing a method to be non-transactional in JPA (Eclipselink) I am developing an application using Eclipselink and as part of the app I need

EclipseLink tutorial - introductory EclipseLink tutorial - EclipseLink tutorial covers the basics of EclipseLink, the official The @Table annotation specifies the database table to which the entity is mapped. name=" cars-pu" transaction-type="RESOURCE_LOCAL">

TransactionRequiredException with Spring 4, Eclipselink and JPA - I am using Spring 4 MVC, Eclipselink and JPA These are my classes [b]JPA Confi . import org.springframework.transaction.annotation.

Example: how to start EclipseLink (or other JPA) transaction - Example: how to start EclipseLink (or other JPA) transaction declaratively in Spring <tx:annotation-driven transaction-manager="txManager">

Java persistence API - Tutorial - It uses EclipseLink, the reference implementation for the Java Persistence API ( JPA). 1. JPA metadata is typically defined via annotations in the Java class. . getTransaction().begin(); Todo todo = new Todo(); todo.

JPA Reference Guide - WildFly 10 - Use the @PersistenceUnit annotation to inject a persistence unit into a Entities read outside of a transaction will be detached when the entity manager .. Also refer to page how to use EclipseLink with WildFly guide here.