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In Rails, how do you render JSON using a view? - which will render the template in app/views/users/_show.json.erb . . In Rails 3, you just need to create a file at views/users/show.json.erb .

rails/jbuilder: Jbuilder: generate JSON objects with a - You can either use Jbuilder stand-alone or directly as an ActionView template language. When required in Rails, you can create views a la show.json.jbuilder

amatsuda/jb: A simple and fast JSON API template engine - You can use Jb directly as an Action View template language. When required in Rails, you can create views ala show.json.jb. You'll notice in the following example that the .jb template doesn't have to be one big Ruby Hash literal as a whole but it can be any Ruby code that finally returns a Hash instance.

Layouts and Rendering in Rails - You can render the default view for a Rails template, or a specific template, or a file, or inline code, or nothing at all. You can render text, JSON, or XML. You can

JSON Serialization in Rails: A Complete Guide - By default, the gem automatically uses created templates in the Rails controllers when the response in the JSON format is requested. However

An Introduction to ERB Templating - This will be JSON encoded: Rails requires template files to have the extension of the output type, followed by .erb, so that a name like

Speedy JSON Endpoints with Rails – CompanyDev – Medium - If you want to render a template that doesn't follow the Rails lookup default you can specify render 'path/to/your/template.json.jb To start, let's

How do I send send a erb template as a string in a json response - In my previous non rails version, I simply synced the changes via a redux store which allowed react to instantly render the changes, but I would

The Ultimate Guide to Rails Rendering - The ultimate goal of your Ruby on Rails application is to render a view. of all the work your app has to do, combining logic, data & view templates to serve the user's request. Even returning a JSON response can be considered a view.

Building a JSON API with Rails 5 - Learn how to build a JSON API and take advantage of the rails-api gem, which, starting with Rails 5, now comes built in.

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Layouts and Rendering in Rails - Default rendering is an excellent example of this. By default, controllers in Rails automatically render views with names that correspond to valid routes.

render (ActionController::Base) - Renders the template located in [TEMPLATE_ROOT]/weblog/show.r(html|xml) (in Rails, app/views/weblog/show.erb) render :template => "weblog/show"

The Ultimate Guide to Rails Rendering - The ultimate goal of your Ruby on Rails application is to render a view. A view is what the user sees. It's the culmination of all the work your app has to do,

Rails Render - Rails Render - Learn Ruby on Rails in simple and easy steps. You will learn its Introduction, Installation, Framework, Directory Structure, strengths with

Rendering Collections in Rails - Partials are a great way to break down complex view into more manageable chunks as well as keeping view code DRY. However, rendering a

Rendering Collections in Rails 5 - Rendering Collections in Rails 5. The tasks controller index action retrieves all the tasks. The task view index.html.erb loops through all the tasks and displays them. Create a task partial _task.html.erb . Let's render collection using the partial we created in the previous step. You can simplify this even further.

What Exactly Does Rails' `render` Do? - Whenever I want to dig deeper into how Rails works, the official documentation is always the first place I go (search query:

Difference between render :action and render :template - From Ruby On Rails guide; render :edit render :action => :edit render 'edit' render 'edit.html.erb' render :action => 'edit' render :action

Rails Layout Rendering Cheatsheet - Kevin Kim - Rails uses a simple convention to find the correct layout for your request. If you have a controller called ProductsController, Rails will see

The difference between Render and Redirect in Rails - This article was updated on 16/11/2018. Thanks to folk in the comments for some great additions! To a brand new Rails developer the controller methods render