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win32 change window style

Change Win32 Window Style - I think SetWindowLongPtr should do that. Note that you need to call SetWindowPos afterwards if you changed the border style, as pointed out

SetWindowLongA function (winuser.h) - Sets a new extended window style. You cannot change this attribute if the window does not belong to the same process as the calling thread.

Changing window styles on the fly - Every window has a set of style bits that determine how the window should look. basic window styles by looking at the CreateWindow() function in the Win32

How to change window style at runtime? - C Board - Specifies the zero-based offset to the value to be set. Valid values are in GWL_EXSTYLE Sets a new extended window style. GWL_STYLE

Changing a window's style - C++ Forum - There's no way for me to change the default window style or so I . If you had checked all return values from win32 api's called you had

Win32 API Tutorial 5 - This tutorial is going to be short but it's surely handy. I've been asked these questions at least five times: "How do I make my window non-resizable?" and " How

c++ - [Win32] - There are many other styles but they are specific to window type when we need change it: we use the SetWindowLong() function very cool.

Window Style - These name a sort of index into the set of window flags that comprises the state, state2, ExStyle and style members considered as an array of

Creating Custom Window In Win32 - But we are talking about customize window in win32 using C/C++. WS_POPUP or WS_POPUPWINDOW styles set your window borderless

Style won't change: Win32 app and CreateWindowEx - To set the stage I am an experience programmer but not in C nor the Win32 API. I am running PellesC 64 bit under Windows 7. As I compiled


SetWindowSubclass function (commctrl.h) - BOOL SetWindowSubclass( HWND hWnd, SUBCLASSPROC pfnSubclass, UINT_PTR uIdSubclass, DWORD_PTR dwRefData );

Subclassing Controls - Subclassing Controls Using ComCtl32.dll version 6. SetWindowSubclass; GetWindowSubclass; RemoveWindowSubclass; DefSubclassProc

Subclass a button within a custom class using SetWindowSubclass - You are trying to use a non-static class method as the subclass callback. That will not work, because a non-static class method has a hidden

Win32 API - The combination of SubclassId and SubclassProc uniquely identifies a subclass. There is no reference counting, calling SetWindowSubclass multiple times with

SetWindowSubclass - SYNOPSIS. BOOL SetWindowSubclass ( HWND hWnd, SUBCLASSPROC pfnSubclass, UINT_PTR uIDSubclass, DWORD_PTR dwRef )

c++ Win32: SubClass (SetWindowSubclass - The Windows shell team recognized this problem and created the SetWindowSubclass function. When you're through subclassing, you simply

Subclassing the XP Way -- Visual Studio Magazine - I'm specifically interested in seeing an actual implementation of SetWindowSubclass() and it's related functions rather than the older way of

Subclassing example in context. - C++ Forum - Can anyone help me as to how I would use SetWindowSubclass to add my own WndProc so that I can filter out the messages that I want the

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